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VANT / November 2016 UK Tour

By on Thursday, 13th October 2016 at 9:00 am

Socially conscious Northern band VANT will be very busy in the coming weeks. In addition to support slots previously announced with You Me at Six and Nothing But Thieves, they have revealed their own headline dates in the UK for next month. Tickets for VANT’s headline tour are on sale now. For a full listing of their appearances for the rest of the year, check out this list of tour dates on their Facebook.

You can stream their newest single ‘Peace & Love’ below the tour date listing; their debut album ‘Dumb Blood’ is scheduled to be released on Parlophone Records on the 17th of February 2017. For past coverage on VANT on TGTF, including Steven’s review of their recent ‘Karma Seeker’ EP, follow this link.

Saturday 12th November 2016 – Newcastle Cluny (Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING show)
Friday 18th November 2016 – Bath Moles
Sunday 20th November 2016 – Leicester Scholar
Monday 21st November 2016 – York Fibbers
Wednesday 23rd November 2016 – Edinburgh Electric Circus
Thursday 24th November 2016 – Glasgow King Tut’s
Friday 25th November 2016 – Hebden Bridge Trades Club
Saturday 26th November 2016 – Coventry Kasbah
Monday 28th November 2016 – Brighton Haunt
Tuesday 29th November 2016 – London Scala



Album Review: VANT – Karma Seeker EP

By on Thursday, 15th September 2016 at 12:00 pm

VANT EP coverVANT are currently one of the new class of bands drawing attention, particularly due to frontman Mattie Vant’s political voice he puts forward in his songwriting. Their previous singles, such as ‘The Answer’, which concerns the questionable UK/US relationship, have already shown his solid songwriting process that leads to tracks filed with raging choruses and affecting lyrics It’s with their debut EP ‘Karma Seeker’ that all of these key points join in perfect execution.

The EP opens with title track ‘Karma Seeker’. It’s about the idea of searching out the future and seeking the reward rather than living day to day, a notion that probably could serve the majority of the current generation well. Beginning with a simply strummed acoustic guitar that’s joined by the rest of the instrumentation and into a rather Blur-like swagger, as the verse runs through, it’s the chorus where the cause meets effect. Furiously pounded drums align with Vant’s roaring call of “karma seeker don’t sway, karma seeker pure bliss, if you search you’ll destroy what you miss”. A full-bodied track that doesn’t quite hit as hard as the previous singles ‘The Answer’ or ‘Fly-by Alien’, this tune still packs the power to set the scene for the rest of the EP.


‘Welcome To The Wonderful World of Berners Lee’ tackles conspiracy theories and how easy they are to be consumed by their mystery and as excitement from regularf life. From the idea of lizard people being in control (“maybe she’s a lizard, maybe she’s a lizard, who knows?”), to the major events of the 1960s as government conspiracies (“the man on the moon shot JFK”), each point is repeated incessantly, with the ending of “my futile mind has just been blown”. The use of repetition represents the seemingly never-ending stream of different theories and how even as one point is debunked, it will come back in a stronger form., As a fairly straightforward track that does little to build upon the traction gained from ‘Karma Seeker’, musically, it doesn’t hold as much weight as its predecessor.

American culture is a big influence on Mattie Vant’s songwriting, with ‘Jesus Was a Conman’ referring to the country’s infamous 2nd amendment that gives its people the right to bear arms. Pushing further forward from ‘Welcome…’, ‘Jesus…’ has a much stronger stance that supports his powerful position against the law. The chorus sums up the idea within the song completely – “let’s get naked, fire 47s, get naked, fire 47s, get naked, fire 47s, fire 47s on heroin”, with a rousing and soaring musical accompaniment. You could quite easily refer to each verse within the track and the points made toward changing the second amendment (that’s why it’s called an amendment). In previous interviews, Vant has made it clear that he wishes to use the band as a vehicle to speak about important issues to the generation he’s a part of. With tracks such as ‘Jesus…’, he’s doing a mighty fine job.

Finale ‘Birth Certificate’ tackles immigration, in particular the loss of Vant’s girlfriend, who was deported back to Australia. You can hear the passion in his voice as he sings his deeply personal lyrics. Most affecting is the second verse, “patriotism is a fucking lie, I’ll be branded British until the day I die, I got this label through invasion, so maybe one day we’ll be called Korean”, though none of this holds its true weight without the chorus “it only takes a second to burn your birth certificate, if the world’s ours, then why she gotta go home”. Another vicious track that does its damnedest to support the words that so easily carry his point across, it’s a perfectly apt closer, especially considering the recent Brexit events in his home country.


‘Karma Seeker EP’ is a must listen (and buy) for everybody. It features a political voice not heard for many years and finally gives the current generation a positive influence. When VANT finally release their debut LP, they have the chance to influence a generation who could, in turn, influence the future. There’s a reason VANT are such a widely watched band: they have the songs, they have the power. It’s just a matter of time until it all comes together into a movement.


VANT’s debut EP ‘Karma Seeker’ is out now on Parlophone Records. To read previous coverage of VANT on TGTF, including about their appearance at Reading 2016 last month, click here.


Dr. Martens #standforsomething English Tour / October and November 2016

By on Tuesday, 13th September 2016 at 9:00 am

Iconic British fashion brand Dr. Martens have just announced Formation, Paigey Cakey and VANT as the first three headliners on its Stand for Something Tour 2016. A fourth, for a show in London scheduled for the last Saturday of November (and somebody’s birthday, hint hint) is yet to be announced.

Twins Matt and Will Ritson, better known as dance duo Formation (pictured at top), will begin the series of #SFSTOUR16 on the 15th of October in Liverpool. On their participation in with the Stand for Something Tour, they said, “Formation means people coming together to express or celebrate something great. So we stand for a lot of things but ultimately it’s about standing together”.

Paigey Cakey Stand for Something 2016

Following the footsteps of Lady Leshurr, Hackney MC and actress Paigey Cakey, will perform on the tour on the last Saturday of October at the courtyard of Birmingham Rainbow. When asked what she stands for, her reply was: “I stand for myself, for one, but I wanna be the voice of the young people. I want to stand for the youth; I want to stand for something that means something. I feel like the youth of today need role models to look up to, so I want to stand for them.”

VANT Stand for Something 2016

When asked the same question, politically charged band VANT replied, “We stand for equality, awareness of the environmental concerns of this planet and a better education for all of our children.” VANT released their EP ‘Karma Seeker’ last month. Of all the artists chosen to represent the strength of solidarity, Mattie Vant’s lyrics demonstrate well the strength of a dissenting voice during these uncertain times.

To purchase tickets to the Dr. Martens Stand for Something Tour 2016, visit the Dr. Martens’ official Web site.

Saturday 15th October 2016 – Liverpool Scandinavian Church starring Formation
Saturday 29th October 2016 – Birmingham Rainbow Courtyard starring Paigey Cakey
Saturday 12th November 2016 – Newcastle Cluny starring VANT
Saturday 26th November 2016 – London (headliner and location TBA)


Reading 2016: Saturday Roundup

By on Wednesday, 31st August 2016 at 2:00 pm

Following on from the complete success that was Friday at Reading 2016 – and with Foals‘ pinnacle career moment headlining the main stage – Saturday had a lot to live up to. Headlining solo today were the funk giants and great dividers of opinion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, but first we had a whole day to experience.

The weather had a go at trying to dampen the spirits by giving a mid-morning downpour, but as with all UK festivals, this only fuelled the festival-going crowd’s insatiable lust for a good time. First up were Scottish three-piece Fatherson. Clearly a milestone for the band, they delivered their emotive and euphoric set with complete expert execution. It shouldn’t be too long before they climb their way through the stages and find themselves front and centre.

The Beach, a London-based singer/songwriter recently on tour with Tom Odell, brought his band for a full ensemble run through of his thoughtful and encompassing tunes. This was an easy watch that the calm crowd relished in. Over on the main stage, American hard rockers Clutch may not have had the largest crowd for the location, but they certainly didn’t let this stop them from giving a set that was filled with solos, riffs and just about every other rock staple you need. Shout out to drummer Jean-Paul Gaster for his 9:30 Club t-shirt (Washington represent!)

Continuing the heavy streak on the main stage, Skindred gave a thoroughly vicious performance with their blend of rock, reggae and metal. The crowd, after witnessing Clutch, were more than up for a good time with heavier influences. Which was good considering what was to come across the field.

The Pit was the place to be for most of the afternoon. Like most festivals, secret sets are always a guarantee, and Reading was no different. With a gap on the stage at 4 PM labelled as ‘TBC’, a spraypainted You Me At Six poster and a band photo backstage, the most subtle of secrets was suddenly revealed. But this was not before what could probably have been one of the best sets of the festival by Heck, a musical marvel who completely dominated the stage, the crowd and everything in between. Spending the majority of the set in various states in and on the crowd, including guitarist and singer Jonny Hall sat atop a flight case while playing guitar, it was an absolutely animalistic and wild sight to behold, Heck should not skip anyone’s radar, not they’d let that happen in any case. Back to the You Me At Six secret set, the closer the time came to 4 PM, the further the tent filled out. By the time the band took to the stage through a curtain of fog, the tent was a gravitational centre. With the band having just announced a large tour of the UK, it was a close and exciting glimpse into what was to hit our cities early next year.

On the main stage, Kent breakthrough punk duo Slaves, proved that they’d earned their way on to central billing by ferociously powering through their socially relevant songs. Another historic moment for a British band at a staple festival.

Back at The Pit and following on from Reading 2016’s worst kept secret came Milk Teeth. The Gloucestershire-based band showed exactly why they’re one of the UK’s brightest up-and-comers. With songs filled with personality and a ’90s rock feel, the crowd were as immersed in the music as the band playing them. It’s sets such as theirs that give Reading its best draw and atmosphere: small bands finding their audience, laying the groundwork for a return in the future to ever larger crowds.

One of the UK festival exclusives this year, Eagles of Death Metal have been present in the public eye for many reasons over the last year, both positive and negative. All of that didn’t matter today though as they joked, sang, laughed and rocked through a main stage set that will surely eclipse what has gone before. Leading man Jesse Hughes knows exactly how to engage and entertain his audience, be it dedicating ‘Zipper Down’ cut ‘Silverlake’ to a fan-made golden cape that he wore atop a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt, or introducing us all to his father who was side of stage and beginning a chant of “dad! dad! dad!”, he’s an expert at his craft. Ending with ‘Save a Prayer’ who he dedicated to England because “when we needed you, you did not let us down”, likely a reference to the Bataclan terror attack in Paris last November.

While this riotous party was going down, newcomers VANT had the Festival Republic tent filled with young minds that they’re hoping to reach with their politically charged songs. Judging by the reception they were given during single ‘The Answer’ that references Afghanistan and UK/U.S. relations, their plan is working.

Mancunians The Courteeners burst onto the main stage taking over from where Eagles of Death Metal left off. Theirs was a rousing, anthemic set, perfect to carry the afternoon through to ready for the evening’s festivities. Imagine Dragons were the warm-up for Red Hot Chili Peppers, and by the term warm up, they certainly did. With crowd pleasers such as ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Demons’ and their larger than life sound, there was no way they could fail.

Finally, it was the turn of the big guns, Red Hot Chili Peppers. A band who simply need no introduction, over 3 decades of funk and rock, they proved at Reading they’re here to keep the reigning crown. Taking to the stage at 9:30, the incomparable Red Hot Chili Peppers were as welcomed as they would’ve been at any point in their career, with a hungry crowd and rapturous applause. Kicking straight in with ‘Can’t Stop’, it was clear they were here to only prove this point. Though the set could have felt a touch more exciting, it was a solid performance that certainly cemented Kiedis and co.’s place at top billing. Hits aplenty, from a full crowd sing along to ‘Under the Bridge’ to an encore ending with ‘Give It Away’. Saturday night closed out with the feeling of an impenetrable force proved by the enthusiastic crowd, who had grown to almost the entire festival capacity and sought any means possible to get a view. If Saturday was anything to go by, it proved Reading and Leeds is a festival that not only secures the legends but can also breed them.


(SXSW 2016 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #371: VANT

By on Tuesday, 26th January 2016 at 11:00 am

Editor’s note: we’re making some exciting changes in the way we cover SXSW 2016 this year, especially in the way we preview all the bands that we want to introduce you to before the big event in Austin in March. Read all about our big plans here.

VANT are an English rock band fronted and formed by songwriter Mattie Vant in 2014. The band signed to Parlophone Records last year, releasing two singles with them, ‘Parasite’ and ‘Parking Lot’. The fact that Parlophone Records signed the band immediately after hearing their debut single ‘Parasite’, without having the benefit of hearing them perform live, really says a lot about the energy and attraction of VANT’s music.

Mattie Vant met band mates Henry Eastham (guitar) and Billy Morris (bass) early on after moving to London and working at the Dalston venue Birthdays, and in 2015 the band was joined by David Green (drums). So far, they’ve supported Royal Blood, and they have also twice received the accolade of Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World for ‘Parking Lot’ and ‘The Answer’. 2016 is set to be just as interesting for the foursome: after appearing at various festivals last summer, including Reading and Leeds and Secret Garden Party.

VANT are producing hard-hitting, punch-packing rock music that isn’t just here to sit pretty, but that is making a bold statement too. The music has an overtly political edge. In an interview with DIY, songwriter Mattie was honest and open about his preference for having “something to say, rather than going on about popping pills and dancing in a fucking club”. This drive to put a worthwhile message out there, to go along with the assertive music, reminds me of the angle towards social commentary that a lot of artists have used throughout history. This drive makes sense, as the band cites the Clash and Rage Against the Machine as influences.

Mattie’s ideas are reminiscent of those of Lennon or Dylan in the sense that he picks up on wide-reaching themes that affect the whole world rather than focusing solely on the smaller issues. Lyrics such as “100K is A-OK, it’ll all blow over, what the hell can I say? / 1000K, well, Iraq was Iraq, you know the USA will take and never give back” from ‘The Answer’ show the big ideas that the band are working with and aren’t shying away from. These intense messages are mirrored by the force and vitality of the music itself.


The songs are well put together and has a professional finish, in the sense that they doesn’t sound thrown together or rushed: you can really feel that a lot of thought and passion has gone into the production of the music. The heavy guitar and drum rhythms don’t overpower or drown out Mattie’s vocals. The sound is distinctly punk/garage: it’s energetic, dynamic and intensely listenable, a la Queens of the Stone Age or the Strokes. Mattie Vant even looks like a young Julian Casablancas.

‘Parasite’, VANT’s first single, is a double A-side also including the ‘Do You Know Me?’, the latter racking up the most listens on the band’s’ Spotify page. ‘Do You Know Me?’ is more everyday than the politically charged ‘The Answer’. The catchy, repetitive chorus consists of Mattie screaming, “you should know me / you should know me by now”, an anthem for anyone whose ever been stuck in a rut and feeling as though they aren’t reaching their potential, and the associated feelings of frustration.


‘Parking Lot’, released towards the end of 2015, is a loud and vigorous concoction of indie rock ‘n’ roll. At times during the song, particularly during the reiterations of “wait a minute / wait a minute” I’m reminded of the everyman ease of Chris Martin’s vocals, albeit a far edgier Martin. The track builds through the opening chorus before crashing like a wave, with trippy guitar riffs thrown in for good measure.


VANT don’t seem likely to drop off the radar any time soon; they are scheduled to appear at SXSW 2016 in March. If you don’t happen to be in Austin then, no worries: the band have just announced a UK headline tour for April too, with tickets to the tour on sale now.


VANT / April 2016 UK Tour

By on Thursday, 21st January 2016 at 9:00 am

London-based garage punk band VANT have just announced details of an April headline tour of the UK, following on their recent appearance at BBC Radio 1’s Future Festival. Ahead of the newly announced April dates, VANT are scheduled to head across the pond to showcase at SXSW 2016 in March.

Tickets for the following shows will be available starting tomorrow, Friday, the 22nd of January.  Stay tuned to TGTF for an in-depth Bands to Watch feature on VANT in the coming days.  In the meantime, you can check out a remarkably harmonic live video performance of their latest track ‘Parking Lot’, courtesy of Gigwise, just below the tour date listing.

Sunday 17th April 2016 – Bristol Louisiana
Monday 18th April 2016 – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Tuesday 19th April 2016 – Swansea Sin City
Wednesday 20th April 2016 – London Boston Music Room
Friday 22nd April 2016 – Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
Saturday 23rd April 2016 – Sheffield Plug
Monday 25th April 2016 – Nottingham Bodega
Tuesday 26th April 2016 – Manchester Deaf Institute
Wednesday 27th April 2016 – Glasgow King Tut’s
Thursday 28th April 2016 – Newcastle Cluny



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