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Live Gig Video: Laura Marling performs ‘Night After Night’ at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City

By on Monday, 23rd January 2012 at 2:00 pm

GEMS, a live music showcase based in New York City, recently filmed the lovely Laura Marling performing ‘Night After Night’ solo and acoustically at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. The song is from Marling’s latest ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’ (reviewed by Braden here). Watch it below.



Laura Marling / March 2012 UK Tour

By on Tuesday, 6th December 2011 at 9:00 am

Laura Marling has announced plans to tour the UK – again – in March 2012.

Tickets go on sale this Friday (the 9th of December) at 9 AM.

Thursday 1st March 2012 – Cambridge Corn Exchange
Friday 2nd March 2012 – Birmingham Symphony Hall
Saturday 3rd March 2012 – Bristol Colston Hall
Monday 5th March 2012 – Gateshead Sage
Tuesday 6th March 2012 – Leeds O2 Academy
Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Hammersmith London HMV Apollo
Friday 9th March 2012 – Manchester O2 Apollo
Saturday 10th March 2012 – Glasgow O2 Academy
Sunday 11th March 2012 – Stoke Victoria Hall
Tuesday 13th March 2012 – Nottingham Royal Concert


Live Review: Laura Marling with Alessi’s Ark at Sixth and I Synagogue, Washington, DC – 27th September 2011

By on Friday, 30th September 2011 at 2:00 pm

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing three sold out shows (so far) in the historic synagogue in DC – the xx in March 2009, the Airborne Toxic Event in September 2009, and just a couple nights ago, Laura Marling. The synagogue is often described as a sanctuary, which is completely appropriate for an evening with Laura Marling and her opener on this tour, Alessi’s Ark. Both acts take the words ‘singer/songwriter’ and prove that even though they are young and female, they have more talent in a finger that plucks a guitar string than most top 40 artists.

Alessi Laurent-Marke, the woman behind Alessi’s Ark, started her set with the words “you are beautiful”. We could have said the same about her music. Although I’d never seen her perform, I had an idea that she would be quite bashful, like the Laura Marling I’d seen last year. She might have been stumbling over her stage patter from nerves, but once she started singing, she showed what she sings in ‘Stalemate’ is true: “the only thing I’ve learnt is I like singing / all the lessons that the guitar is bringing.” Good for us that she has turned her attention to writing songs, with grace (‘Time Travel’) and demonstration that you can cope with the pain of losing a love (‘On the Plains’). In a true act of democracy, she let the crowd choose the final song – it was to be either ‘Hummingbird’ from her 2009 album ‘Notes from the Treehouse’ or ‘The Robot’ from her current album, ‘Time Travel’. ‘The Robot’ won out, with Laurent-Marke standing there, looking overwhelmed by the positive response from the audience.

One thing that Laurent-Marke said during her set: “are you ready for Laura and her gang? They’re gonna melt your faces off!” It was funny hearing such a precious young woman say that to us, but it turned out to be true. When I saw Laura Marling last year at Iota, I was struck by how quiet and shy she was. This time around, she was still a bit shy, but she told jokes that made us laugh (like how she would be singing some lies during the show and wanted to be aboveboard: “the first line of the song ‘Salinas’ is ‘I am from Salinas’, and I am not!”), which indicated to me that she was a lot more comfortable being a ‘rock star’. She should get used to this though, since her cathedral tour of the UK in October is sold out. Wearing a denim shirt and jeans, she looked very laid back and dressed appropriately for her folky, jazzy new album ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’ (review here).

The set covered all three of Marling’s albums, and it was startling to hear the heavy darkness of set opener ‘Rambling Man’, the simple beauty of ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ and the breezy folkiness of ‘The Muse’. I nearly cried hearing her play a solo version of ‘Goodbye England’ as she explained it didn’t matter at what time it was, whenever she was away from England she missed it terribly. ‘Sophia’, as the official video indicated, is fabulous-sounding live in a house of worship, her backing band on point. I will say this: if you have a ticket to the cathedral tour in October, feel lucky. Because below is a taste of what you will experience.


After the cut: set list and more photos.

Alessi’s Ark Set List:
On the Plains
Time Travel
The Horse
The Robot

Alessi’s Ark Photos:

Laura Marling Set List:
Rambling Man
Alpha Shallows
Alas I Cannot Swim
The Card
The Muse
Hope in the Air
Don’t Ask Me Why
Goodbye England (solo)
new song (solo)
Night After Night (solo)
Blackberry Stone
What He Wrote
I Speak Because I Can
All My Rage

Laura Marling Photos:


Album Review: Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know

By on Tuesday, 20th September 2011 at 2:00 pm

By your third album, in most cases, you’re up and rolling. You’re past the difficult second album and you’ve found yourself. In most cases of course, by that point, you’re in your late twenties, if not thirties. Laura Marling is not most cases. With her first album released the same week as her eighteenth birthday, then going on to receive a Mercury nomination, and 3 years down the line winning a Brit award for Best Female, Marling has proved her exceptional credentials repeatedly.

So ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’, her third full LP, doesn’t need to take any risks then, does it? That’s convenient really, because Marling’s breed of folk with mainstream appeal isn’t really the kind of genre that experiments, breaks out or really takes huge risks. Lyrically, Marling has always been the kind of writer that writes in first person, yet you never really think that the person in question is actually her. Stories about the devil (or ‘The Beast’ as he appears to be named here, unless she’s talking about Marcus Mumford, but even by my reckoning, that’s a little harsh) and families seem lost in the fictitious world of Laura Marling. For this reason, it seems increasingly difficult to relate to her music.

The songs are good, there’s no doubt that this is a third album packed with brilliant tracks that will no doubt attract her more radio play, more listeners and more accolades, but from my perspective, I just don’t find her believable anymore, and that’s a real shame. ‘Salinas’ is the nearest you come to actually feeling something for Marling as John Steinbeck’s novels come alive in parts, but aside from the very last two tracks ‘Sophia’ single review here) and ‘All My Rage’, you feel like the twenty-one year old is still keeping her cards very much to her chest. For this reason, ‘Sophia’ is a standout track that swirls around with complete beauty whilst ‘All My Rage’ is a fitting closer: catchy, enjoyable and a kind of relief that an album both so bold and timid at the same time can end with a happy story.


Laura Marling’s ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’ is available now from Virgin.


Video of the Moment #552: Laura Marling

By on Thursday, 18th August 2011 at 6:00 pm

Laura Marling‘s upcoming single is called ‘Sophia’, and I reviewed it for TGTF a while back. I wasn’t too keen on it; for some reason, ‘Sophia’ just didn’t seem all that sincere to me. The video for the song however has warmed me more to it; set in the gorgeous confines of a house of worship, it’s a nice set up for Marling’s October UK tour of cathedrals.



Single Review: Laura Marling – Sophia

By on Tuesday, 2nd August 2011 at 12:00 pm

Wait wait wait. Are you telling me Laura Marling is ready to release her third album this autumn? You heard right, folks. The young yet incredibly prolific – not to mention incredibly talented – Marling has readied ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’ for release in September, and last week she treated us to hearing the first single, ‘Sophia’.

From the opening bars and words, it sounds like classic Laura Marling – gentle guitar notes and thoughtful, honeyed vocals. But here’s where Marling leaves all other female 200-somethings in the dust: the emotionally mature lyrics that grace every single one of her songs. Some reviewers have already commented that this song shows a level of maturity that was not present on her previous recordings; I beg to differ. She has always had an edge of experience that belied her age, which I admit was a little unnerving the first time I saw her live last year, performing a cover of Neil Young’s ‘The Needle and the Damage Done’ with so much emotion, you almost believed she herself had been a heroin addict.

In the case of ‘Sophia’, it starts as a tale of promiscuity, but not in the way that most songs in the 21st century want to portray (you know what I mean). It’s not dirty, it speaks the truth. Then halfway through the tempo picks up and I’m probably in the minority on this, but I don’t like how it turns into a knee-slapping, pub tune all of a sudden. It detracts from the original veiled beauty so painstakingly created at the start. It turns into Joni Mitchell-flavoured territory, and it’s a flavour that I admittedly don’t care for. Don’t get me wrong: it’s fun and freewheeling, but after you’ve enjoyed the balladry of the beginning, it’s kind of disappointing that Marling feels that she has to Mumford it up. And well, I guess she has to, if she wants to get played on the radio.



Laura Marling’s ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’, her third album, will be released on the 12th of September, with ‘Sophia’ the single to be released a week before, on the 5th of September. You can catch Marling live on her UK cathedral tour in October.


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