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(Holiday!) Video of the Moment #2243: She & Him

By on Wednesday, 14th December 2016 at 10:00 am

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, known collectively as alt-pop duo She & Him, started preparing early for this year’s Christmas season. They released a new holiday-themed album called ‘Christmas Party’ way back at the end of October, before the traditional trick-or-treat festivities had even come to a close. However, I suspect you might forgive their mild over-enthusiasm for the Christmas season when you see the album’s adorable first video release.

‘Winter Wonderland’ is the second single from ‘Christmas Party’, following ‘Happy Holiday’, and it finds Deschanel and Ward once again in blissfully perfect harmony. Ward’s simple, classic acoustic guitar and pedal steel arrangement of the song leaves plenty of room for Deschanel’s vocals—enough room, in fact, for rocker Jenny Lewis to join the cozy mix. But rather than featuring the three musicians, the song’s promo video stars an irresistible group of festively fashionable pugs. Even if you’re not a dog lover, this combination of aural and visual confectionery, directed by Pupstar Sonoma, is sure to put you in a holiday frame of mind.


She & Him’s 2016 holiday album ‘Christmas Party’ is out now on Columbia Records. TGTF’s previous coverage of She & Him is back here.


(Holiday!) Video of the Moment #2241: The Crookes

By on Tuesday, 13th December 2016 at 10:00 am

Sheffield alt-pop quartet The Crookes have taken to the road for their English Christmas tour this week. In celebration of both the live shows and the approaching holidays, we chose today to feature the video for their new Christmas single ‘You Bring the Snow’. The Crookes have made a tradition of releasing festive tracks for the holiday season, including previous yuletide titles ‘You’re Just Like Christmas’ and ‘It’s Just Not Christmas Without You’.

The brightly synthetic musical setting of ‘You Bring the Snow’ belies a typically wistful set of lyrics, where songwriter Daniel Hopewell wishes aloud, via George Waite’s sentimental singing voice, for “one more Christmas like when we were young”. But on further consideration, the retro synth style of the instrumental arrangement fits perfectly with the nostalgia found in Hopewell’s lyrics and in director Jake McDonald’s video treatment. Filmed as a throwback-style home video, the new promo finds bandmates Waite, Hopewell, Tom Dakin and Adam Crofts celebrating the holiday together, each bringing his own particular form of festivity to the occasion.


The Crookes’ self-released Christmas single ‘You Bring the Snow’ is available now. Just below, you can have a listen to all three of The Crookes’ holiday tunes in one convenient place.


Goodbye 2015, our hearts may be battered, but we’re still keen… (Happy holidays from TGTF!)

By on Thursday, 24th December 2015 at 5:00 pm

For my editor round-up of the best albums of 2015, go here. I also go into detail on my opinion of the state of the live music industry as shown this year in this post.

We’re gotten through another year, and gotten through it with heavy hearts. This year we had to contend with the newly branded with leathers Mumford and Sons headlining Reading and Leeds, and just yesterday, Ke$ha has premiered her new band, Yeast Infection (you can’t make this stuff up). On the much more serious side of things, our industry suffered a great tragedy in November in Paris when innocent music lovers were lost at the hands of religious zealots (I touched briefly on this here on TGTF the Monday after). As much as I dislike the direction U2 have gone in recent years, you have to give Bono props for addressing these senseless killings in song.

It has to be said, again and again, that the terrible actions of a few do not represent the majority, whose hearts are in the right place.

There’s a lot in this world that doesn’t make sense. But as positive thinkers say, keep putting positivity out in the world, and such positivity will come back to you. I am buoyed with word that vinyl sales are now stronger than ever, and not only people who grew up with 45s are the ones buying them. There rarely goes a few days now when I’m not invited to the latest vinyl fair. (BTW, in case you were wondering, TGTF Towers still does not have a working record player, so if any good people out there want to buy me something nice after all these years of being editor here, you’re welcome to. Ha.)

Millennials – who, because their eyes are permanently fixed on their smartphones, have been blasted for having no social skills (and yet they have no idea this is happening- are proving to be some of the most excited people at gigs I attend, and they’re the ones with allowances that can be spent on new music and t-shirts. As annoying as some of them might be, being pushy and shove-y down the front at the barrier, shouting high pitched in the street for One Direction or Ed Sheeran, and as hard as it might be swallow this nugget of truth, they’re the ones we have look to, to keep music alive. Have a thought on that this Christmas when you’re putting out the bins and you see a kid skipping down the street, in impossibly tight jeans, listening to music with headphones on. Sorry to point out the obvious, but that kid was once you.

Let’s make a commitment to go into this new year with peace and light. Happy Christmas to you and yours. Thank you to everyone who has supported this site this year and in years past, whether you’re a reader, band, PR, manager or anyone else involved in this crazy, yet always beguiling world we call the music business. We’ll see you back here in January.


You’ve been a dream, 2014… (Happy holidays from TGTF!)

By on Tuesday, 23rd December 2014 at 7:00 pm

Another year has come and gone. Time sure flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? But before we pull down the blinds and close up the shutters here for Christmas at TGTF Towers, I want to say thanks to all you wonderful readers of this Web site, whether you live in the UK or America, Ireland to Australia, Canada to Chile (and yes, we really do have readers in Chile!), wherever you are. We appreciate each and every one of you for relying on and trusting us to bring you the best new music, insights and reviews from acts of the UK, the U.S. and beyond.

As I briefly alluded to in the introduction to my top albums of 2014 post on Monday, 2014 marked the first year where streaming far outpaced music downloads, a clear indication of yet another shift occurring in our dynamic music industry. Too many people, including my own very cynical family, tell me that the music blog is a dying art, that it’s all about self-curation now, that we’re fighting a losing battle. But the numbers don’t lie. The sheer fact that you’ve chosen us at TGTF over all others as your port of call, your source for information on your favourite bands is humbling. We’ll use your faith in us as further motivation to “keep on keepin’ on” in 2015.

Ta muchly to the artists and bands
, for without them we’d not have the music to fall in love with and have nothing to write about! If I haven’t seen you live and/or interviewed you yet, that means you have your first big, big hug from me waiting for you in 2015. (Just ask your friends. Apparently my hugs are legendary…) Thanks very much also the management, press officers and label people who have helped me get everything – the exclusives, review materials, press credentials, the whole kit and caboodle! – so we can continue to bring you fine readers quality content. I’ve known some of you for many years now, and some of you I’ve only just met and become friends with in 2014. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all next year and beyond.

Happy Christmas to all! We’ll be back here on the 5th of January 2015.


(Holiday!) MP3 of the Day #865: Verses

By on Friday, 12th December 2014 at 10:00 am

Brighton rock band Verses have recorded a cover version of Wizzard’s ’70s holiday hit ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’. And they want you to have it for free! How nice are they?

Listen to the cover and grab it for your very own below.


(Charity / Holiday! ) MP3 of the Day #864: The Lost Brothers

By on Thursday, 11th December 2014 at 10:00 am

The Lost Brothers have written and recorded an absolutely beautiful song – yes, it’s sad, but sad in the “aww…” heartstring tugging way – called ‘Little Angel’. After listening to it below, you can download it for free from the duo’s SoundCloud, but Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech ask that instead of paying for the song to instead donate to UNICEF to make a child’s life brighter this holiday season. Dig deep, folks!

Stay tuned for the first half of my interview with the bespectacled Leech coming your way in an hour; the second half will post tomorrow morning.



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