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Video of the Moment #2041: Coves

By on Friday, 11th March 2016 at 6:00 pm

How about something a bit boot to the arse to start your weekend? We’ve got you covered. London via Leamington Spa duo Coves will be releasing their sophomore album at the start of April, and their next single up ahead is this one, ‘You’re Evil’, which will drop on the 25th of March. As the name suggests, there is something dark and dirty about the whole thing, as Beck Wood goes exploring round a chilly and desolate Folkestone for this promo. Watch it below.

‘Peel’, Coves’ second album, is out on the 1st of April on 1965 Records. Check on Steven’s past words on ‘Stormy’, the LP’s lead single, in his review from right before the start of 2016.



Single Review: Coves – Stormy

By on Thursday, 24th December 2015 at 12:00 pm

London via Leamington Spa duo Coves have had quite a celebrated ride, what with releasing their debut record ‘Soft Friday’ in 2014 to great acclaim, then following it up with this year’s ‘Spectrum’ EP. Being the first look at the upcoming new material on their second album, it was a strong continuation and now they’ve returned with new cut ‘Stormy’. They certainly have a way with being able to craft songs that are reminiscent of ‘60s psychedelic rock, with a tinge of more modern shoegaze, but in their most recent effort of ‘Stormy’, you can’t help but make the connection to more modern, contemporary takes on the aforementioned styles.

Due to sheer size, the opening riff grabs your attention instantly and firmly roots itself in your memory. Unfortunately, it is also very reminiscent of the Oasis track ‘The Hindu Times’, from the building introduction to the rousing guitar-centric atmosphere it call to memory. Of course, this is not how it was intended presumably; nonetheless, you’ll be hard pressed to forget this quickly.

Lyrically, this is where singer/songwriter Beck Wood flourishes, with the chorus “See nothing but thunder in my stormy eyes”, the imagery conjures that of forced aggression, a scenario where your back’s against the wall. But the way she sings, it is almost if it’s a tedious moment, one that is all too often a part of your life. “Stop spreading the lies”, the final words sung before the last chorus, cementing the notion that Beck has been burned before and doesn’t plan on it happening again.

As a whole, the track forms a contagious medley of instrumentation and lyricism, especially with guitarist John Ridgard’s musical mastery. But it’s on a such a level that you find yourself waning in attention and almost entering a trance-like state. This may not necessarily be a good thing, but the fact that you’re in it ‘til the end proves that both the band and song have done their job.

When people discuss bands, they often talk about the elusive ‘X Factor’, something far beyond practicing in a room for hours a day, some ‘it’ thing that you just can’t practice. In the case of Coves, they have this: it’s just a matter of time before everyone else comes to realise it.


‘Stormy’ by Coves is out now via 1965 Records. Coves’ second album is due for release in March 2016.



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