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10 for 2013: #5 – Peace

By on Monday, 10th December 2012 at 11:00 am

With their EP ‘EP Delcious’ out earlier this year, Peace look to expand their watermelon-loving sounds in 2013 as they wind up to their debut album. If the Gallaghers had let loose once in a while instead of drifting into generic-ism, they might have produced something like Peace’s music over a decade ago. But they didn’t, and so the gauntlet has been taken up by a duo of brothers from Birmingham, Harrison and Sam Koisser.

Thrown through the arena-rock tunnel at a pace that’s already seen the smaller venues across the country filled to capacity with sweaty folk front to back, the sound of Peace crosses through almost all of the British icons of the last few decades and spins them through a delicate web of their own deciding. ‘Bloodshake’ wouldn’t feel out of place on a Foals record, while much of the rest of their music crosses between the grungier sides of shoegaze with the soaring vocals of Harrison Koisser over the top.

Debut single ‘Follow Baby’ pushed the band to the forefront of the summer. Their new track ‘Wraith’ (audio below) begs it to not be winter anymore, as its breakdown could easily be drenched in infinite amounts of sunshine. It’s not hard to picture Peace commanding any sized stage over the next year as it seems, with the hype that surrounds them and the song writing talents to create a sound that blends intricacy with accessibility; the only thing that holds the Columbia signings back is their own ambition.



10 for 2013: #6 – Fenech-Soler

By on Sunday, 9th December 2012 at 11:00 am

#6 on the reader-voted 10 for 2013 list here at TGTF are a band who are no stranger to our year end polls: this Kings Cliffe band landed at #8 in the 10 for 2011 poll, and judging from your enthusiasm, are set to storm the world with their new album scheduled out soon. Martin philosophises about the band in this feature…

Fenech-Soler are a surprise inclusion on the list for 2013, existing as they have since 2006. But their inspirational ability to combine indie-band verses with hard-hitting, Ibiza-worthy uplifting choruses means they are currently one of the UK’s finest dance crossover bands. One only has to experience their trademark wall-of-synth breakdowns to understand their power – 2009’s ‘Stop And Stare’ is a triumph of comedown comfort which melds uplifting vocal lines with a veritable cornucopia of synthesised pillowy goodness.

Since then they have subtly hardened their sound – 2009’s ‘The Cult of Romance’ restrains itself from the Ibiza excesses of its predecessor; its b-side ‘Airbrushed’ asserts itself via a teasing, trebly bassline before revealing its dark underbelly of confusion and, finally, redemption… Ben Duffy sounding all the while like a moonlighting Brian Molko.

2012’s ‘All I Know’ (single review here) condenses 7 years’ experience into one 3-minute blast of knowing, desperate longing, via a pounding wall of synthesis. The status quo undulates with rhythmic precision (the band if anything yet more inclined to drop from gentle groove into full-on “turn it up to 12” sound system kicking) until there’s a release into full-frequency mayhem, Duffy’s keening vocal maintaining the emotion required for such a touching narrative.

In summary, Fenech-Soler can open the way to a new horizon: that which starts with a drifting, imagined, vocal hook, and ends with pounding four-to-the-floor boogieing, seamlessly integrated with a human story. It’s all to dance for.



10 for 2013: #7 – Shields

By on Saturday, 8th December 2012 at 11:00 am

They made a music video with sock puppets. Not by dressing them up as animals; they literally made socks their characters and used them to represent their band members. And it was adorable. Was it the reason you lot vote them into the 10 for 2013 list this year? We can’t be sure of course, but they have landed at #7 in our poll. Here’s a short bit from John…

Shields are a band we’ve plugged heavily on TGTF over the last few months, but for good reason of course. We don’t want to waste your time now. You can read our Bands to Watch feature on them here.

The band has been touring heavily over the last year, in a valiant attempt to get their noise heard, recently finished tours with #8 10 for 2013 band To Kill a King and Wintersleep. The band caused some stirs in the musical blogosphere when they bizarrely covered SBTRKT’s anthem ‘Pharaohs’ (watch the video here).

Their debut album is set for release in spring 2013 and if you fancy a finding out a little bit more about the band, why not visit their official Web site.


10 for 2013: #8 – To Kill a King

By on Friday, 7th December 2012 at 11:00 am

Us here at TGTF recently asked you to participate in a poll to help us determine the top 10 artists you thought would be huge in 2013. We’ve written a bit about the act at #8, but Braden takes a closer look in this 10 for 2013 profile…

London band To Kill a King are winding up to their debut record in fine fashion. Having just returned from their first trip across the channel to Europe in support of Californian act Two Gallants, they’re gearing up to making 2013 a big one.

Coming in somewhere between the National and Bombay Bicycle Club, the four-piece saw the release of their latest EP, ‘Word of Mouth’ in October, which led them make a big step forward in terms of power. They’ve got the kind of sound that made Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’ both easy listening and powerful, whilst channelling the same dark sound that fuels ‘Neon Bible’. In no way would I suggest that they’re the next Arcade Fire, but with the aesthetic of Mumford and Sons, they may well find a route to success anyway.

Acts like Spring Offensive, Dog is Dead and even to an extent Bastille are all coming through with a sound rooted in happy sounds portraying an often darker subject matter. It’s the sound of a world refusing to admit its decline and with more acts pushing through, it can be hard to sift the bad from the good. But the catalogue To Kill a King are slowly building nails the sound to the wall as the benchmark for any artists looking to break through this year.

Sound good? Check out the short series of videos they made on YouTube doing recorded sessions with friends on lead-singer Ralph’s balcony. They’re aptly named the Ralph’s Balcony Episodes, or check out the video for ‘Funeral’ below, taken from the ‘Word of Mouth’ EP. Either way, you’ll be seeing their sideways chess piece scattered about for the next year anyway.



10 for 2013: #9 – Gabrielle Aplin

By on Thursday, 6th December 2012 at 11:00 am

A couple weeks ago, we asked you, the fine readers of TGTF, to vote for the top 10 artists you thought would be massive in the new year. Coming in at #9 is a young girl whose recent brush with high street advertising could prove to be lighting her way to super stardom…

At the beginning of November, the name of Gabrielle Aplin was on the tip of nearly everyone’s tongue. Where had she come from and how did she land this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert? Last year’s advert skyrocketed Slowing Moving Millie into chart success with her cover of The Smiths’ ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’, and the same is expected for Aplin. The delicately rendered ‘The Power of Love’ graces this year’s ad depicting the devotional love of a snowman. This Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover was interestingly made available as a single exactly 28 years after its original release.


So who is Gabrielle Aplin? This is your classic internet star. Finding her voice on YouTube with countless cover tunes, she built a following with nearly 14 million views on her channel. The industry finally took notice and Parlophone signed this youngster (yeah, she just turned 20!) earlier this year. With a lovely clear voice, the emotion in her voice belie her years. She may have staked her claim to fame with a collection of covers, but I believe her talent really shows in her original songs from the EP ‘Never Fade’, especially the title track.

The past 4 years have seen Aplin release three EPs, tour as a headliner, and fill support slots with the likes of Gotye. She seems eminently poised for success in 2013. Her debut album is set for release in March, but her first official single, ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’, had to be delayed to make way for that pesky Christmas release. Probably a good move though as she is currently at #7 on the charts!


10 for 2013: #10 – Kill It Kid

By on Wednesday, 5th December 2012 at 11:00 am

In the last couple weeks, we asked you to vote for the top 10 artists you thought would be big in 2013. Starting the list off at #10 in fine fashion are a grunge/blues band from Bath…

Kill It Kid are going to rock your world in 2013. Their astonishing revival of the blues via crunching, wall-demolishing guitars sweetened with tongue-tingling girl vocal lines means their only competition on the circuit is similarly bi-gender practitioners of homespun blues-rock Band of Skulls. Think a contemporary backyard G ‘n’ R with prominent piano and a *strong* female influence that never gives up even when faced with several channels of guitar onslaught and the usual male tendency to dominate.

In the sparse, keening intro to ‘Wild and Wasted Waters’ (video below), one is reminded how desolate and yet fulfilling the delta blues of south-west North America can be, particularly when interpreted through the body and soul of practitioners from a geographically similar region of England. There’s nothing to pick between the regions for sincerity and conviction; indeed the sentiment that Kill It Kid ply is married to that of the spiritual USA: it’s heard in the enthusiasm for minor keys, the worship of the diminished fifth, and the vintage-toned arrangements.


Theirs is the world of smoky, aromatic last-minute shows; scuffed and scraped Les Pauls hurriedly mated with ancient Twin Reverbs, frayed leads and cracked pop guards further reinforcing the intimate, heartfelt nature of the performance. ‘Feet Fall Heavy’, 2011’s seminal long-player, is a skeletal homage to Robert Johnson’s desolate accounts of the redemptive power found within the dark reaches of the heart, as liberated by six amplified strings and the sound of air deliberately split asunder.

Kill It Kid are surely the go-to band for 2013’s blues revivalists, steampunks, and grizzled old bluesmen awaiting the second coming. Await no longer… at least if the Devil can be distracted from listening to this tour de force of contemporary electric blues to attend to you. It’s a thankless task, but someone’s got to do it.


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