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Video of the Moment #2860: Hatchie

By on Thursday, 28th June 2018 at 6:00 pm

Harriette Pilbeam is Hatchie, a Brisbane singer/songwriter and synthpop star in her home country of Australia. Following her hyped appearance at BIGSOUND 2017 last September back home, she wowed crowds at The Great Escape 2018 last month. The Friday after the Great Escape, she released a new EP, ‘Sugar & Spice’, on Heavenly Recordings (UK) and Double Double Whammy (U.S.). Back in April before I headed out to blighty, we posted the video for ‘Sleep’ from the then yet-to-be-released EP; watch it back here. This afternoon, we have another promo video for a song from the same EP, for ‘Bad Guy’. Watch it below. Hatchie will be playing a few shows in Oz in July, which will be followed by American festivals and shows in August, September and October. The one UK show she’s announced is for the 1st of November at London Electrowerkz. To read all of our past coverage on Hatchie – admittedly mostly my thwarted attempts to see her live! – come through.


Video of the Moment #2859: Cold Fronts

By on Wednesday, 27th June 2018 at 6:00 pm

Cold Fronts recently completed a month-long North American tour with Aussies Hockey Dad. The Philadelphia band unveiled a new single, ‘Fantasy Du Jour’, on the 20th of April (you know, THAT day), and it was only last week that they released its accompanying video. It’s less hectic and less in-your-face than some fo their other tracks, which is actually nice to chill out with in these dog days of summer on the East Coast of the U.S. Check out the video for ‘Fantasy Du Jour’ below. It’s the title track of the band’s current album, released at the start of May on Sire Records. For all of our past coverage on TGTF on Cold Fronts, use this link.


Video of the Moment #2858: Florence and the Machine

By on Tuesday, 26th June 2018 at 6:00 pm

Florence Welch has released the newest video from Florence and the Machine‘s album out on Friday. Self-described by Welch as a song about the recent negative dating trend of ghosting and very physical at that, the visuals for ‘Big God’ turns out to be a big, colorful dance number starring herself and other female dancers. Welch and her band are headed out on an arena tour this autumn for the latest album’s campaign, passing through North America in September and October before returning to the UK in November. ‘High as Hope’ will be out this Friday, the 29th of June, on Virgin EMI. For all of TGTF’s past coverage on Florence and the Machine, go here.


Live Gig Video: Fatherson share ‘Making Waves’ from upcoming third album ‘Sum of All Your Parts’

By on Tuesday, 26th June 2018 at 4:00 pm

Scottish trio Fatherson have a new album out this autumn. To preview the upcoming LP, they’ve unveiled ‘Making Waves’, which shows a definite change in direction for the Scots. Frontman, guitarist and famous beard owner Ross Leighton explained the song “defined how the album would sound” and it being a “heart on your sleeve slacker tune with a tonne of groove.” Slacker is right: the guitars are loud on this new song, and with the muscle of the track, it’s no wonder that when it came time to present the song to the public, they would use a physical way to convey its feeling. In the video, the three-piece are performing the song indoors, accompanied by an interpretative dancer. Watch the video below. ‘Making Waves’ will appear the band’s third studio album ‘Sum of All Your Parts’, which will drop on the 14th of September on Easy Life Records. To read our past coverage on Fatherson, come through.


Album Review: Matt Maltese – Bad Contestant

By on Tuesday, 26th June 2018 at 12:00 pm

Matt Maltese Bad Contestant album coverIn an era where Noughties landfill indie has been usurped by this decade’s overproduced shiny pop, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself if you don’t sound anything like that. The pages of TGTF are littered with artists we love who are anything but conventional. One of the things I most enjoy about South London-based singer/songwriter Matt Maltese is his choice of words. You’re unlikely to find someone else like him on the top 40. If you’re a Morrissey, Leonard Cohen or Divine Comedy fan and you’re used to hearing brutally honest, self-deprecating and often satirical lyrics sung by a crooner, this debut album will be right up your alley. Like those established artists, Maltese is marmite.

‘Bad Contestant’, Maltese’s debut, is a pop album, but one that will make you laugh and ache about that four-letter word called love in equal measures. It begins with the toe-tapping ‘Greatest Comedian’, which compares the woman he loves to “the highest quality hardwood door” and “Jesus” who he’s heard “was a very handsome girl”. The problem? He misses her because she’s so very far away. And so it begins: Love can be an addiction and it doesn’t lead to the best choices, does it? In previously released single ‘Nightclub Love’, he chronicles his blinded-by-love stumblings around the apple of his eye in his most hated of places, a loud and sleazy nightclub. On the jaunty ‘Guilty’, he admits he’s being used by a woman who is already spoken for. Somehow, he always winds up back with her, even at the expense of his own heart, leading to his eventual fate of loneliness.

If it’s all for love, Maltese will gripe about it, but he’ll suck it up in the name of want and desire, even if it’s only temporary. He covers heartbreak equally as well. On ‘Less and Less’, Maltese comfortably scoots into the role of the sad songwriter at the piano, showing himself to be the best 21st century peer to Burt Bacharach. He croons, “you should take yourself / see the daylight and the change that spins / though I ain’t sure I’ll ever feel nothing / I’ll feel settled in a simple sense”. It’s the quiet acceptance that their relationship is over, but he’ll never be the same having loved her.

On the self-deprecating side of things, he is also quick to point out his lowly status on oddly catchy title track ‘Bad Contestant’ – “I’m a dead end, a budget hotel / I’m pretty good at feeling sorry for myself / I’m a deck chair / Your cheap underwear / A bad Christian who never goes to prayer” – before wrapping things up with the immortal line “I ain’t much but baby I could impress you / They say the underdogs are always the best ones”. Like Stornoway’s ‘Love Song of the Beta Male’, Maltese is not the stereotypical macho man who wants to throw his weight around and show off. He might be hard on himself as he was on the aforementioned ‘Nightclub Love’, but he also accepts that he’s better off being the quiet man in the corner.

As if to prove he’s more than a lovesick hack who does everything wrong in his relationships, Maltese’s album ends with two doom and gloom numbers. Early single ‘As the World Caves In’ shows Maltese at his most Morrissey-esque, savouring the last days on earth with the woman he loves and with sweeping grandeur: “oh girl it’s you that I lie with / as the atom bomb locks in”. It’s a heavy-handed way to end the LP with ‘Mortals’, its weightiness about leaving Earth behind seeming out of place with the rest of the LP.

This is not to say that the rest of ‘Bad Contestant’ is light. It’s an album that can make you swoon and nod with agreement, that is if love is your poison and you can relate to the feeling of being swept up by it. If you can’t, this album will be a tough go. Should you open your mind to Matt Maltese’s world – a world with twinkly piano and his droll observations on love and life – don’t be scared, and embrace something different.


Matt Maltese’s debut album ‘Bad Contestant’ is out now on Atlantic Records.


Video of the Moment #2857: The Kooks

By on Monday, 25th June 2018 at 6:00 pm

Good news, Kooks fans. The band formed in Brighton have announced their fifth studio album ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’, due for release at the tail-end of August, their newest since 2014’s ‘Listen’. The first track to be unveiled from the upcoming long player is ‘All the Time’. Its accompanying video, set in Canvey Island, takes the simple idea of escape and turns it into a mini-film celebrating friendship and solidarity among young people. Watch the video for single ‘All the Time’ below. Hold tight for ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’, which will be available from the 31st of August on Lonely Cat/AWAL Recordings. For all of TGTF’s coverage on The Kooks, use this link.


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