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Black Merceries Tour Diary #1

By on Saturday, 25th April 2009 at 9:40 pm

img_02151So, what do you do when 3 days before you leave to tour the UK your keyboard player still hasn’t received his passport?
Unfortuantely, you stay awake the whole weekend before you leave trying to import keyboard tracks onto your laptop and rock it without him. . .what’s the cliche?  the show must go on. . .so on it goes.

We arrived at Heathrow on Tuesday afternoon and got fleeced on our hotel room. . .is this an omen?  well, we’re here, let’s make the best of it. . .got pissed in the lobby bar and crashed for the rest of the night.  Wednesday morning we drove through London to pick up our rental gear from Matt Snowball Music – great people who were really friendly and very accomodating. . .unbelieveably, we were able to pack our gear into an SUV – though storm and i had to give each other no-commital lap dances for the roll to Colby’s brother’s house where we took a little nappy.

When we checked our email for the specs on the first nights gig at the Jericho Tevern in Oxford, we were surprised to find out that they cancelled the show. . .WTF?  another omen?  steady boys. . .we gotta turn this thing around. . .apparently the headliner – who were to supply the drum and bass backline pulled out of the gig and the promoter decided to pull the whole show. . .sounds dodgy to me.  According to quite a lot of musicians we’ve come in contact with while we’ve been here this sort of thing is not uncommon for the Jericho. . .F#$k ’em. . .let’s go get pissed!  Drank a lot of guinness and jack and geared ourselves up for Club Quattroz in Harlow and what a great night it was! ! ! The crowd was sexy as all get out and the two other bands on the bill (the Campaign and Broken Mile) were great and really superior individuals. . .we are amazingly thankful to be playing here with the likes of them. . .

at any rate, the beer flowed like wine and the rock was at a fever. . .i can only hope that the rest of the tour goes as smashingly as last night went.



Bands to Watch #108: The Good China

By on Monday, 20th April 2009 at 12:00 pm

Good China (side)Recently I stumbled across a band from the far stretches of Australia. This Aussie 8 piece goes by the name of ‘The Good China

Being compared to early ‘Architecture in Helsinki’ TGC are upbeat, uplifting and irresistibly charming, they also offer moments as cooled and chilled as cult pioneers ‘The Postal Service’.

Yes there may be eight people in the band but lead single ‘All nothing’ is a breath of fresh air to the music scene at the moment. Lyrics about being a three year old are not just witty but add a certain depth to the song that you can’t help but like. With the introduction of the violin and various other instruments ‘All Nothing’ soon becomes infectious summer pop you can’t shake from your head.

After forming during the close of summer 2008, the Melbourne based band have received extensive radio play, self-produced and released their debut E.P. (including selling over 300 copies) and have performed at various festivals. With such a promising start to their career after a short space of time it looks like TGC may well be in for an eventful few years.

The Good China are ‘toe tapping-handing clapping’ their way into our lives. Watch out for them in the future, as they have certainly just become my new favourite band and if you like quirky violins, subtle guitar, witty lyrics and a sheer passion for something that sits so effortlessly into the music scene ‘The Good China’ will be a sure fire hit with you also.


Bands to Watch #107: Lissy Trullie

By on Wednesday, 15th April 2009 at 12:00 pm

Lissy Trullie (side)Today we’d like to introduce Lissy Trullie, a super cool rock chick from New York. Not only does Miss. Lissy knock out awesome pop punk tunes worthy of a There Goes The Fear feature – Trullie’s eyecatchingly unique sense of style, mixing leather jackets and battered bowler hats, means this lass wouldn’t be out of place on a Vogue spread either.

Vitally – Lissy’s music is refreshingly different from the huge mass of electro pop, or retro soul that is so popular amongst the other female songstresses doing the rounds at the moment. Her dark, additively androgynous voice combined with gloomy lyrics, gritty guitars and raw drums are all proof that Lissy’s sound is all about down right, and to-the-point rock and roll. Think of her as a modern day Nico or Chrissie Hynde. She bounds with energy, and her songs are full of pure attitude. Check out the video to ‘Bad Boy’, below:


Lissy is currently touring America with another TGTF-favourite, The Virgins. You can catch her live at the beginning of June, however, when Trullie brings her rock and roll over the pond to us here in the U.K. Dates include London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. Head over to Lissy Trullie’s MySpace page now to find out more.


Bands to Watch #106: Trip

By on Monday, 6th April 2009 at 12:00 pm

Trip (side)This week we’d like to introduce Alex Child, aka Trip, a fierce North London rapster who waxes-lyrical about “the tragi-comic kaleidoscope” that is city life. His indie-grime tunes echo that of The Streets (The Sun tipped him the “new Mike Skinner”), along with an added splash of cheeriness, ala Just Jack. Alex also happily dips into pop, punk, electro and down right rock ‘n’ roll. Trip’s genre-spanning sounds are reflected in his unsurprisingly mixed-bag of influences, which include Bob Dylan, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against the Machine, Barbara Streisand, Wiley, The Jam and Muse.

You may have already heard Alex’s debut single, ‘River Phoenix’. The comedic, yet touchingly sweet pop tune follows ‘Mike’, who, at the end of a fairly successful date “didn’t get a kiss goodnight” cos his young-love finds out “River Phoenix died”. The lyrics aren’t Shakespeare admittedly, but you can relate to them, and most importantly, they make you smile. Check out the hilarious video to the track, below:


Alex has already worked with a range of impressive names, including Justin Timerlake, Busta Rhymes and Outkast. Trip certainly looks set to make it big himself this 2009, however. Alex’s debut album ‘Short Cuts’ will be released this Spring, while his new single which I just told you about, ‘River Phoenix’, is out April 12th. You can also catch Trip live at XFM’s Big Night Out alongside The Noisettes and Dinosaur Pile-Up, this Thursday.

Interested? Well why not head over to his MySpace page now for further details on the above, as well as all future gigs, pre-ordering his music and other general Trip gossip.


Bands to Watch #105: Chew Lips

By on Wednesday, 1st April 2009 at 12:00 pm

Chew Lips (side)Chew Lips are an electro-pop outfit hailing from London. The disco trio only started out last spring, but since their 2008 formation, the Lips have been storming the musical world at lightning speed. They’ve already supported The Virgins and Howling Bells live, and were even offered a coveted slot at the BBC Electric Proms last October. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not bad going considering it hasn’t even been a year since the band played their first ever gig at a house party in New Cross..

While it’s undeniable that electro-pop is an incredibly overpopulated musical genre at the moment – there’s absolutely no reason why this glittery troupe cannot be considered on a par with the other awesome disco acts out there right now – such as Defend Moscow, La Roux and Little Boots. Front lady Tigg certainly possesses a sparky Karen-O ability to hold a stage, and her silky voice perfectly compliments the band’s additively robotic beats provided by Chew Lips’ two other members, ‘Will and James’.

Check out this super-synth band’s MySpace page now, and while you’re there, why not have a listen to a selection of top Chew Lips’ tracks including the retro games-console sounding ‘Solo’ and the icy-cool ‘Salt Air’ .


Bands to Watch #104: Is Tropical

By on Tuesday, 31st March 2009 at 4:00 pm

IsTropicalRemember Ratty Rat Rat?? The London indie rockers graced our ears with some fine tunes combined with explosive live performances, they were a Camden wet dream.. unfortunately they decided to call it a day, but from the ashes of one great band comes another. Is Tropical make electro-indie beats and are made up of three of the five members of Ratty Rat Rat. The band are fairly newly formed but that hasn’t stopped them racking up a load of live shows through ’til June (so far..)

MP3: we have a free download of the late Ratty Rat Rat’s EP here..

Monday 27th April 2009 – London Old Blue Last – Expose
Tuesday 28th April 2009 – East London The Victoria – Natalie Portman’s Skin Head
Thursday 30th April 2009 – London The Social – Windmill of Your Mind
Friday 1st May 2009 – London The Macbeth – Gash
Wednesday 6th May 2009 – Bristol The Lab – Fat Man Sandwich
Sunday 17th May 2009 – Camden Lock Tavern – Mad Sundays
Friday 22nd May 2009 – East London Catch 22 – Germ Free
Saturday 30th May 2009 – East London Catch 22 – Steak
Tuesday 2nd June 2009 – North London Old Queens Head – FLU


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