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TGTF Guide to SXSW 2015: Roundup of our coverage so far

By on Monday, 2nd March 2015 at 11:00 am

We here at TGTF have been busy little bees working on SXSW 2015 previews since November. Now that we’re in March, I started thinking that you fine readers may have missed a post (or three) along the way, and for those keen on picking up some new acts to follow and fanboy/girl over, you might need a way to have everything at your fingertips to help you choose who to see in Austin. As we’re getting down to the wire in the lead-up to SXSW (there’s only 2 weeks to go, yo!), this roundup will give a snapshot – albeit a pretty large one! – of all the SXSW showcasing artists we’ve featured over the last 4 months.

Over the next 2 weeks we’ll be bringing you even more SXSW previews, so keep it here at TGTF!

Bands to Watch previews of SXSW 2015 Artists (31):

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #311: Jessie Ware (England / UK – pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #312: The Ting Tings (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #313: SOPHIE (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #314: Rainy Milo (England / UK – pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #316: Rival Consoles (England / UK – electronic)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #317: Mallory Knox (England / UK – rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #318: Jay Prince (England / UK – hip hop / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #319: Charlotte OC (England / UK – pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #320: Ibeyi (France – pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #321: The Voyeurs (England / UK – rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #322: Brolin (England / hip hop / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #323: Alvvays (Canada / pop / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #324: East India Youth (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #325: Coasts (England / UK – pop / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #326: Fatherson (Scotland / UK – rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #327: The Lonely Wild (US – folk / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #328: Reuben Hollebon (England / UK – folk)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #329: B.Traits (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #330: Modestep (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #331: Pale Seas (England / UK – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #332: Howie Lee (China – electronic)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #333: Vision Fortune (England / UK – experimental / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #334: The Pop Group (England / UK – punk / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #336: Bad Breeding (England / UK – punk / rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #337: Dry the River (England / UK – rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #338: beGun (Spain – electronic)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #339: Rosie Lowe (England / UK – pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #341: Gengahr (England / UK – rock)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #342: Amason (Sweden – rock/pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #343: Lust for Youth (Denmark – electronic / pop)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #344: The People The Poet (Wales / UK – folk / rock / pop)

Quickfire Questions Featuring SXSW 2015 Artists (9):

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #79: Mark McCausland of The Lost Brothers (Ireland)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #80: Jon Warren of Dry the River (England / UK)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #81: Lorna Thomas of Skinny Lister (England / UK)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #82: Jonny Allan of Happyness (England / UK)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #83: beGun (Spain)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #84: Jessi Williams of The Lonely Wild (US)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #85: Logan Kroeber of the Dodos (US)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #86: Orla Gartland (Ireland)

(SXSW 2014 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #87: Leon Spansword of The People The Poet (Wales / UK)

Album Reviews Featuring SXSW 2014 Artists (8):

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Emmy the Great – S EP

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: The Dodos – Individ

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: The Districts – A Flourish and a Spoil

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – Club Meds
(Carrie Clancy)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Ibeyi – Ibeyi

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Carl Barat and the Jackals – Let It Reign

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Album Review: Rathborne – SOFT

Miscellaneous Features Starring SXSW 2014 Artists (21):

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1677: Carl Barat and the Jackals

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1702: Twin Shadow

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Review: Lewis Watson with Alicia Rae at U Street Music Hall, Washington DC – 14th November 2014 (Note: Lewis Watson has announced he won’t be showcasing at SXSW.)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Gig Video: Skinny Lister reveal promo for ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’, filmed at London 100 Club

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Gig Video: Longfellow play acoustic versions of ‘Gabrielle’ and ‘Where I Belong’ for Ont’ Sofa (Note: Longfellow have announced they won’t be showcasing at SXSW.)

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Single Review: Laura Welsh – Ghosts

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Review: Alvvays with Moon King at Newcastle Think Tank – 23rd January 2015

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Gig Video: The Districts perform ‘Suburban Smell’ and ‘4th and Roebling’ for La Blogotheque

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Gig Video: Skinny Lister plays new track ‘This is War’ at Tokyo Shibuya Club Quattro

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1736: East India Youth

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1738: Carl Barat and the Jackals

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1739: The Dodos

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) MP3 of the Day #870: beGun

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1742: The Twilight Sad

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1743: SOAK

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1744: More Than Conquerors

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1745: Tei Shi

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Review: Emmy the Great with Louis Weeks at DC9, Washington DC – 17th February 2015

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Live Review: The Dodos with Springtime Carnivore at Club Congress, Tucson, AZ – 16th February 2015

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1752: Public Service Broadcasting

(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1753 (and more!): The Cribs


Preview: Live at Leeds 2015

By on Wednesday, 4th February 2015 at 9:00 am

For the average music festival-goer, summer is their season. For music reviewers like us here at TGTF, May is go time, for it’s the one month of the year starring the most important emerging music events in the UK. We’ve already done initial previews for both The Great Escape (14-16 May) and Liverpool Sound City (22-24 May), and now it’s time to turn our attention away from the Southern seaside and the Northwest to go due east into Yorkshire for the winner of Best Metropolitan Festival 2014 at the UK Festival Awards. Annual event Live at Leeds, celebrating 9 years this year, have just revealed their first list of bands scheduled to perform in clubs, bars and performance spaces on the 2nd of May, the Saturday of the first May bank holiday.

You’ll recognize the bigger names. Oxford’s Stornoway (pictured at top), who announced in January details to their third album ‘Bonxie’ to be released in April, will be raring to go with an appearance in Leeds smack dab in the middle of an already announced UK tour. Carl Barat with his new band the Jackals will be releasing their debut album ‘Let It Reign’ is less than 2 weeks; critics are already saying that it’s Barat’s fine return to form and his best since the ‘Up the Bracket’ days. Emmy the Great, who showed off a brand new, outward-looking side of herself in her latest ‘S’ EP released in mid-January will also appear. Homegrown talent is also represented higher up the bill, with the psychedelic rock of Eagulls and Hookworms sure to please.

Further down the bill are the hopefuls that truly make emerging festivals like this one so special. London electro soul duo Honne, who just played a triumphant sold out show at Electrowerkz last night, are sure to be one of the biggest indie draws of Live at Leeds this year. Pixel Fix from Oxford, who released the fantastic ‘Running Thin’ EP last year as well as hold the distinction of having been chosen as one of four acts on the Communion New Faces tour in November 2014, is another good bet. Hype is building behind Liverpool’s Hooton Tennis Club, having moved up from Edge Hill University’s own Label Recordings onto indie Heavenly Recordings, making them a must see as well. London rockers The Mispers, who have been chosen as main support for Kodaline on their UK tour in February and March, are ready for their close-up too.

Keen? Tickets for the 1-day event in May are on sale now for the bargain price of just £27.50. For more information, visit the official Live at Leeds Web site.


Preview: 2000 Trees Festival 2015

By on Tuesday, 3rd February 2015 at 9:00 am

We’ve all done it. Looked at that empty field down the road on a stuffy summer’s day, with a can in one hand and said, “yeah, I could put a festival on and that place over there would be fucking great. All my favourite bands would play, on the cheap of course, tickets would be tuppence and the cider would blow your bloody head off”.

Of course the difference between most people and the legends at 2000 Trees is that they bonny well went out and did it. And do you know what, it’s gone great.

2015 is set to be the eighth year where revellers descend on sleep Gloucestershire for some folk, fun and fornication and a whole whack of the best UK rock you can get your ears around. This year’s event takes place 9-11 July.

The first announcement for this year’s bash sees rejuvenated six-piece Deaf Havana topping the bill to make their bow at the festival. It’s been a while since the band stopped singing about ‘Friends Like These’ and moved on to a smarter, more mature sounding edge. In fact, their most recent record, Old Souls is testament to their transformation, into the UK’s very own Gaslight Anthem. Sure, James Veck-Gilodi may be one of the harder to like frontmen in Britain at the moment, but if one thing has gone down well at Upcote Farm in the past, it’s been a wholehearted, air-grabbing singalong. Just ask Mr Turner, he’s got a camp named after him. With the assets in Deaf Havana’s armada, it’s pretty obvious these guys will go down brilliantly at Trees.

Joining them on the bill are Arcane Roots, who will have likely be releasing their third studio album this year and went down incredibly well at last year’s bash. That aside, they fulfil the criteria for a Trees band perfectly: just under the radar British talent with incredible riffs and even better beards. Leeds trio Pulled About By Horses, another of those bands whose chaotic live show will surely ensure a rapturous reception from the Trees faithful, is also scheduled to appear.

Lower down the bill are the fantastic, Frank Turner-endorsed Solemn Sun who hail from that part of the woods. So you can expect the kind of hometown heroes welcome they’ll get. Tickets are currently £87 for the 3-day weekend plus fees. For more information, visit the 2000 Trees official Web site.


Preview: The Great Escape 2015

By on Monday, 2nd February 2015 at 9:00 am

Things will be extra celebratory in Brighton this spring. Why, you ask? Judging from the strength of the first announcement released last week of the first 150 bands scheduled to play at the event, The Great Escape 2015 will definitely be partying hard for its 10th anniversary.

The first headliner is no stranger to TGE, having made their Brighton festival debut playing the Komedia in 2013, and fans are already making a huge fuss over American band Alabama Shakes. At the time of this writing, the top-up tickets to their appearance at Brighton Dome on Friday the 15th of May have pretty much been all snapped up, so be quick if you’re keen on seeing them.

Part of the TGE tradition has been to have a partnership with another country to help promote that land’s artists, having partnered up with Australia (2000) and Finland (2014) in recent years, just to name two. Being that this is a big year for the festival, they’ve chosen to use the opportunity to cast the spotlight on homegrown UK artists. The Great Escape has always been one of the best places to see up and coming acts before they hit it big, so expect an even bigger, better group of hopefuls to get their time in the limelight this year.

The first announcement includes some familiar names too. Slaves, who were one of the 2014 summer festival circuit favourites, will be appearing in Brighton. So will Django Django, who will return to the seaside after their riotous, boiling performance in 2012 at the Blind Tiger (which, sadly, has now closed, thanks to a crochety tenant above them). The prolific Dutch Uncles from Marple will also make the sojourn south, sure to be playing tracks from their new album out this month ‘O Shudder’ in Brighton. Derry singer/songwriter SOAK, who has already been announced for the bill at Steve Lamacq’s BBC Introducing / PRS for Music night at SXSW 2015, will also be making an appearance.

But there’s plenty of newer talent that will keep the seaside town abuzz all weekend. Siren Tei Shi, whose ethereal vocals shone on her collaboration with TGE alums Glass Animals on the track ‘Holiest’, will be visiting from Brooklyn and is certain to bring her smooth, chill vibes. Despite their name, Girl Band from Dublin are actually a group of four guys who rock out, and there’s incredible anticipation building for their debut album following on the news they’ve recently been signed to Rough Trade. And probably winning the award for the longest travel route to Brighton, we’ll also be enjoying the melodic rock from Bad//Dreems hailing from Adelaide, Australia.

I’ve merely only scratched the surface on the first band announcement. With more bands to be revealed in the coming weeks, there’s sure to be more gems and surprises to be unveiled, and we can’t wait. The saver festival pass for the full 3-day event costs £54.45; for just the Alabama Shakes headline show at the Dome, it’s £21.45, but if you already have a festival ticket, the top-up will set you back a mere additional £8. For more information, visit the Great Escape’s official Web site.


Update: Liverpool Sound City 2015

By on Friday, 30th January 2015 at 9:00 am

They’ve been asking if they want to come back all these years, and this week it was confirmed that The Vaccines would indeed be coming back to Liverpool Sound City after a 2-year absence. They’ll be joining Belle and Sebastian and The Flaming Lips at the top of an already incredibly tantalising bill of talent.

The four-piece who shot to prominence of the back of their first album ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ have barged their way back onto the scene in proper Vaccines fashion. That is, in the form of another 2-and-a-half minute banger, with guitars so fast you’ll miss them if you blink and a chorus as catchy as a cold at this time of year. The guitars are frantic, as they were on all of The Vaccines’ releases we’ve heard up to now, and the four-piece have undeniably stuck to the same formula that has worked so well for them over the last four years.

YouTube Preview Image

‘Handsome’ may not have as killer a chorus as ‘Do You Wanna’, but it’s a fantastic pop song with wide appeal, there is no doubt. The new single is released on the 8th of March officially, but is already doing the rounds on social media and the radio, and all around it looks like everybody is pretty happy with what The Vaccines have produced. Will the album be on the same form? Well, from this evidence what can we expect from The Vaccines, more of the same…

As for who’s joining them on the bill at the rejuvenated Liverpool Sound City, which has been moved to pastures anew at the docks, there are some fantastic up and coming talents ready to catch the eye on Merseyside. Female four-piece Dum Dum Girls will bring a bit of shoegaze to the Sound City festival. Math rockers Dutch Uncles have also joined the bill and will be looking to move away from being a festival buzz band and to a group which can really excite people on a festival bill – is this festival the right platform? We shall see.

If overblown hipster chic is what you enjoy , eccentric duo The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger are certainly a feast for the eyes. Whether their off-colour take on psychedelic rock will captivate or confuse, they’re likely to be an interesting draw alongside Roni Size /Reprazent, The Thurston Moore Band, Gaz Coombes, F*cked Up, Evian Christ and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

But with a BBC Sound of 2015 nomination and countless plays of their new single on Radio 1, the act I’m undeniably the most excited about catching a glimpse of at Liverpool Sound City (barring the headliners anyway) are Slaves. Their no nonsense approach on indie rock and incredible tunes like ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’ are certain to draw a capacity crowd to their slot at the festival, and as it did with me at 2000 Trees 2014, they’re almost certain to leave you asking, “Debbie… Where is your car?”


Preview: 6 Music Festival 2015

By on Wednesday, 28th January 2015 at 9:00 am

The 6 Music Festival is back! And it’s coming to my town. For two evenings in February, the coolest place for a music lover to be is Gateshead: the Sage Gateshead on the iconic Newcastle/Gateshead quayside, to be precise. Newcastle gets to kick off the event on the Friday night, hosting an opening party at the O2 Academy, the lineup for which is impressive indeed: Interpol, Mogwai, Sleater-Kinney’s first UK performance for 10 years, and the winner of 6 Music’s album of the year, The War on Drugs. Tickets for this will set you back a mere £25, and considering the bill is essentially four headline-worthy performances, that’s impeccable value. The venue capacity is 2,000, and there’s only 1,800 tickets on offer, so all those lucky enough to procure a ticket will get a decent view.

The whole shebang then moves (just) south of the river to the hip and happening borough of Gateshead, which, as everyone in the know has known for a while now, is a far superior place to live and party than its more famous little brother Newcastle. It’s all happening at the iconic Sage, into which the powers that be are managing to cram four performance spaces into its voluptuous, snail-like curves. I’ll give an alphabetised list at the end of this article, but this writer’s picks of the Saturday night are: Kate Tempest and Eliza Carthy, who will bring two stylistically dissimilar but familiarly connected strands of English folk music together in a unique, and uniquely powerful performance; Gruff Rhys, whose latest project American Interior, documenting Welsh explorer John Evans’ epic journey across the eponymous landscape, will surely feature highly; and The Cribs, whose stamina and endurance are second to none, and are still turning out music worthy of a catalogue which extends back more than a decade.

Readers’ attention must be alerted to the capacity of the Sage, compared with the number of tickets sold, so they are prepared what they might get for their money. The Sage is essentially a shell within which two separate auditoria exist: the stunning all-seated Hall One (capacity 1,640), and the much smaller, less formal, standing Hall Two (capacity 400). There’s also a small room called the Northern Rock Foundation Hall, capacity 250. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that this is a total capacity of 2290, but ticket sales are set at 3,400 – the capacity of the entire building, not just the auditoria. Apparently the concourse will absorb the overspill, which means over 1,000 people milling about outside trying to get to see the show of their choice, although there will be 6 Music DJs on the concourse as well. Just to reiterate, if every ticket holder wishes to see the big headline performance in the main room, less than half will be able to do so. I am prepared to stand corrected on my numbers, but if I’m right I can see trouble, and overcrowding, ahead. The Sage are notoriously uptight about rules – this isn’t your usual free-and-easy gig venue – so expect short shrift from the stewards if the room is at capacity. Also expect white-collar drinks prices, and with a no readmittance policy, it could turn out to be an expensive evening, with no guarantee of seeing the show of one’s choice, albeit with all the falafel wraps one can eat. Caveat emptor.

As long as post-festival drinks didn’t go on too late at the superb Central Bar across the road from the Sage, Sunday dawns with yet another superb lineup of acts, with a flavour not unlike a Glastonbury Sunday: more left-field choices, perhaps established acts that need a bit of a boost. In that vein, picks from Sunday include the vintage post-punk outfit Wire and the vintage post-soul diva Neneh Cherry. Gaz Coombes will bring the newest of his superb solo work, and Public Service Broadcasting will reveal the direction they’ve chosen for album number two.

In summary, this is an impeccable list of acts for what promises to be an exciting weekend on Tyneside. I haven’t even touched on the 6 Music By Day strand, which is to run in Newcastle’s creative hub, the Ouseburn valley, and include interviews by 6 Music presenters with the musicians who are playing later, performances from bands local to the North East, and a record fair. Our cup runneth over! Given the fact that it’s all only 10 minutes on the bus from my front door, I personally couldn’t be happier. Anyone for an after party?

Bands performing at The 02 Academy Newcastle on Friday 20 February from 5 PM:
– Interpol
– Mogwai, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year
– Sleater-Kinney, their first UK performance in almost 10 years
– The War On Drugs, BRIT 2015 nominees whose 2014 album ‘Lost in the Dream’ was 6 Music’s Album of the Year in 2014

Artists and bands performing at The Sage Gateshead across four stages on Saturday 21 February from 6 PM:
– Hot Chip, performing exclusive brand new material for the first time
– Royal Blood, Mercury Prize 2014 and BRIT 2015 nominees
– The Fall
– Jungle, Mercury Prize 2014 nominees
– Maximo Park, local North East heroes
– Kate Tempest, Mercury Prize 2014 nominee
– Gruff Rhys
– Simian Mobile Disco
– Django Django, performing exclusive new material
– Father John Misty
– Ghostpoet, performing brand new material
– The Cribs, performing brand new material
– Villagers, performing exclusive brand new material for the first time
– Ibibio Sound Machine
– Kate Tempest and Eliza Carthy: performing together in an exclusive 6 Music collaboration
– A Northern Soul Night (from 5-10.30 PM), hosted by 6 Music’s Funk and Soul show presenter Craig Charles, with Richard Searling and Stuart Maconie plus further DJs to be announced soon.

Artists and bands performing at The Sage Gateshead across four stages on Sunday 22 February from 6 PM:
– The Charlatans: performing exclusive brand new material
– Jamie T
– Neneh Cherry
– Jon Hopkins
– British Sea Power
– Gaz Coombes
– Young Fathers, Mercury 2014 winners
– Wire
– The Maccabees, performing exclusive new material
– Glass Animals
– Lonelady, performing brand new material
– King Creosote
– Public Service Broadcasting, performing brand new material
– Unknown Mortal Orchestra, performing brand new material
– Additional DJ sets (from 5-10.30 PM), hosted by 6 Music presenter Nemone, with Richy Ahmed, Daniel Avery, 6 Mix residents Rob da Bank and DJ Yoda, and others to be announced soon.

Tickets for each night of the festival will go on sale at 10 AM across 3 consecutive days: tickets for Friday go on sale on Friday 30 January, priced £25 plus fees; tickets for Saturday 21 February go on sale on Saturday 31 January, priced £35 plus fees; and tickets for Sunday 22 February go on sale on Sunday 1 February, priced £35 plus fees. For more information on the event in Newcastle, visit the BBC 6music Web site. Information on the festival by day will be announced on BBC 6music on Tuesday 3 February.

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