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(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #347: Jack Garratt

By on Friday, 13th March 2015 at 12:00 pm

Header photo from the BBC’s Jack Garratt archive at Reading and Leeds 2014

Amongst the British Music Embassy SXSW 2015 showcases in Austin, BBC Introducing and the PRS Foundation will be hosting a 22-year old already creating some serious waves.

In a previous life, Jack Garratt might have been considered a ‘one-man band’. The term following him around at the moment tends to be ‘multi-instrumentalist’ or ‘bedroom producer’ however; both terms which go far beyond underselling him. With James Blake and The xx comparisons already being drawn, his electronic influences have gathered many new fans since he served up an impressive debut EP, ‘Remnants’, and a breathtaking Reading and Leeds set, during 2014.

YouTube Preview Image

The bearded songsmith has been hitting all the aural sweet spots on this rise. Take the soft backbeats of his early track ‘Worry’; 9 months on since its Soundcloud debut and the slick beats, bluesy vocals and angular synths have been streamed over 1 million times. On his other early material (try ‘Water’), his ambitious use of sound and texture is also evident, the shimmering electro-bass hooks justifiably seizing your attention, along with the sharp chimes of jazz keys.

Garratt has already spent his time refining and developing this sound mind you, and is just as capable at experimenting away from these catchier, radio-friendly moments. He meshes his soulfulness with a chilling atmosphere on ‘The Love You’re Given’, as warm r&b influences and his mesmerising vocals come together with refreshing ease on the slow-burning ballad. For all the heartfelt beauty this produces, his production skills come to the fore with the howling energy that the closing chorus hits you with, as a colourful and contrasting blur of synths dramatically engulfing you.

On what will be one of his first trips to America, Garratt is likely be humbled by any crowd who turn out for him at SXSW. The truth is that really, if you miss him and his talented live expose in building up songs from single beats to the potent waves of energy that his music culminates in, you’ll be missing a truly game-changing young artist who’s headed for stages in front of thousands in the very near future.

Jack Garratt appears as part of the BBC Introducing and PRS Showcase on Wednesday the 18th of March at the British Music Embassy at Latitude 30; read more about the night in Mary’s preview here. Catch him at the following appearances:

Wednesday 18/3 – British Music Embassy / BBC Introducing and PRS for Music Foundation @ Latitude 30, 11 PM
Thursday 19/3 – New Shapes @ Red Eyed Fly, 4:45 PM
Friday 20/3 – Communion @ St. David’s Historic Sanctuary, 12:45 AM


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #346: Skinny Lister

By on Tuesday, 10th March 2015 at 12:00 pm

Folk / punk / rock outfit Skinny Lister surely rank as one of the must-see bands at SXSW 2015. Their songs are the populist, crowd-pleasing singalong type that you might expect to hear from their Xtra Mile label mate Frank Turner, but with six members in the band, they are able to create an even bolder and more expansive sonic ethos. As with so many bands these days, they break through genre barriers to combine the traditional instrumentation of folk music with the spirit and energy of rock and roll, and they throw a hint of punk attitude into the mix for added flair.

Band members Daniel Heptinstall, siblings Lorna and Maxwell Thomas, Michael Camino, Thom Mills and Sam Brace hail from different parts of England, but they share a common background in folk music that remains at the heart of their sound. Skinny Lister’s first album ‘Forge & Flagon’ was unmistakably rooted in that tradition, drawing the inevitable comparison to Mumford and Sons when it was released in the summer of 2012. But with their upcoming album ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’, they have expanded their stylistic repertoire beyond waltzes and sea shantys, at least as far as the first teaser tracks are concerned.

Current single ‘Cathy’ is described on Skinny Lister’s Web page as “one of several songs about a scarlet lady, someone that you’ve fallen for that you shouldn’t have fallen for”. The accompanying video includes a presumably metaphorical biology lesson about jellied eels; read into that what you will as you watch below.

YouTube Preview Image

Judging from the two live gig videos we’ve previously featured (‘This Is War’ and ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’), Skinny Lister’s raucous energy and infectious vocal harmonies are enough to steal the spotlight at any showcase they might play. And, as an added bonus, they feature an accordion and an upright bass in their guitar-driven instrumental arrangements. Who doesn’t love a well-played accordion?

If you aren’t making the trek to Austin this year, you can get your Skinny Lister fix later this spring. The band’s new album ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ is due for release on the 20th of April via Xtra Mile Recordings. Just following the release, Skinny Lister will play a run of live dates back in the UK. Previous TGTF coverage of Skinny Lister can be found here.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #345: Broncho

By on Friday, 6th March 2015 at 12:00 pm

Oklahoma-based garage punk band Broncho are set to take SXSW 2015 by storm later this month after spending February on tour with punk icon Billy Idol. Their current support slot for The Growlers‘ 5-day residency at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right runs through the first week of March, then the group will head to Austin before setting out on their own American West Coast headline dates.

Broncho’s current LP ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman’ was released in September 2014 on Dine Alone Records. Its opening track ‘What’ is characteristic of the album as a whole, heavy on chugging guitars and sullen vocals. Each of its 11 comprising tracks is concise and to the point; the album clocks in at just over 30 minutes total.

The current single from the album is called ‘NC-17’, referring to the movie rating that signifies adult content. While the accompanying video for the song doesn’t merit that rating (you can watch it below to see for yourself), its lo-fi home movie quality reflects Broncho’s garage band sound to a tee.

YouTube Preview Image

My early pick for Best Earworm of SXSW 2015 goes to ‘Class Historian’, whose trippy “do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do” refrain will likely take up residence in the ears and minds of Austin punters for months to come. Aside from that pervasive melody, the song’s tempo is driven by the persistent drum rhythm and the deep reverb of the guitar lines. Just below, watch a live performance video of ‘Class Historian’ recorded at Austin’s KUTX studios back in November.

YouTube Preview Image

‘Just Enough Hip to Be Woman’ is slightly more refined than Broncho’s previous album, 2013’s ‘Can’t Get Past The Lips’. Their early brash punk style played out there in the album track ‘Try Me Out Sometime’, which has a grittier instrumental sound behind the anxious energy of its insistently repetitive lyrics.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re not yet convinced about Broncho, you can stream ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman’ in full on their Soundcloud. The band are scheduled to play several official showcases at SXSW 2015, including the Dine Alone Records tenth anniversary show on the 18th of March at the Bungalow.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #344: The People the Poet

By on Friday, 27th February 2015 at 12:00 pm

SXSW 2015 will be a special time, as Music Wales will be presenting a nighttime showcase on the first night of the official SXSW Music festivities, on Tuesday the 17th of March. It’s just the beginning of an amazing week of evening (and afternoon) programming on tap for festival punters at the British Music Embassy, back at its usual home of Latitude 30 on San Jacinto Boulevard. The People the Poet from South Wales will open the Music Wales night and definitely start the UK contingent’s programming off with a bang. The band were bestowed the honour of being just one of 12 acts chosen out of over 450 who applied for Horizons, the BBC Cymru Wales and Arts Council of Wales project committed to supporting the independent music being made in Wales and helping them with their careers.

Formerly known under the moniker Tiger Please, the little bit folk, little bit pop, little bit rock band released 2009’s ‘They Don’t Change Under Moonlight’ and 2010’s ‘Seasons’ EP, both critically acclaimed. At the end of 2013, they released their long awaited debut album ‘The Narrator’, under their new name The People the Poet. The hard graft of the five-piece over the last 7 years plus paid off, with the self-released LP reaching #38 on the iTunes Rock Albums chart on release day without management or major label backing and it receiving a nomination for the Welsh Music Prize. Tyla Campbell of the band told me they had previously applied for a SXSW shout twice and without success, so third time’s absolutely a charm for them this year, as they make their maiden voyage to Austin next month.

We’re not sure where the band’s current name came from, but the juxtaposition of the two images their name conjures up – the passionate proletariat masses represented by “The People” contrasting with the calm, brooding and introspective “Poet” – describes their sound quite well. ‘Nobody Else Like You’, inspired by the loss of a parent, features guest vocals from legendary ex-It Bites frontman Francis Dunnery, his voice lending a bit more heft to The People half of their enterprise. In its sweeping grandeur whilst describing the life-changing event of fatherhood, track ‘Stabilisers (I Will Be)’ from ‘The Narrator’ will remind you of Coldplay and Keane at their most anthemic.

YouTube Preview Image

Lyrical content for the tunes on their debut album was all crowd sourced, with The People The Poet humbly asking their fans to send in true stories about their lives. This allowed the band to engage their fans in an incredibly personal way that I don’t think had ever been done before, so I have no reason to believe they won’t be able to get the crowd at Latitude 30 eating out of their hand and backing them in quick order either. Get in to see them in reasonably sized venues while you still can.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #343: Lust for Youth

By on Thursday, 26th February 2015 at 12:00 pm

Despite our reputation for being idealists and our ability to be hedonists in the California sunshine, Americans seem unable to do the electronic dance sound anywhere near as well as the Europeans. Case in point: Lust for Youth‘s 2014 album ‘International’, out now on Brooklyn vinyl-directed indie label Sacred Bones Records, shows off the Scandinavian ease in taking the humble yet versatile synthesiser to create an irresistable pop beat. The name was originally used for Swede Hannes Norrvide’s solo project, conceived when he realised that as a poor yet ambitious musician with only a toy keyboard to play on, it was better to make music alone.

While his earlier, dronier, rough around the edges sound was a product of his own artistic limitations or not is a matter of debate, but what cannot be disputed is the new sound of Lust for Youth – with Norrvide now joined by longtime live collaborator Loke Rahbek and new band member Malthe Fischer – as an electro powerhouse just waiting for their moment in the sun. Or maybe under the glint of the mirrorball on the dance floor. The promo video for ‘New Boys’, shot by the group’s friend Frederik Valentin and starring Frederik’s younger brother and Lust for Youth fan Oliver, has already met controversy for its potentially erotic interpretation / misinterpretation.

YouTube Preview Image

This all seems quite apt, considering the actual sound of the song recalls ’80s New Wave icons such as New Order and Depeche Mode, both of whom faced controversy themselves with their own sexually ambiguous monster hits. No matter how you feel about the video, this tune also has epic synth lines guaranteed to get your toes a-tapping. Another track from ‘International’, ‘Armida’, was unashamedly inspired by a Pet Shop Boys track “where they had sampled a woman’s voice on every snare drum, so we did the same and then the song just came by itself”. An beat ever so insistent urges you on to “shake your feet” and really, who could say no? I’m really hoping the now Copenhagen-based trio will be given the perfect atmosphere to lay down their synth lines in Austin when they showcase at SXSW 2015 in Austin in March.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #342: Amason

By on Wednesday, 25th February 2015 at 12:00 pm

Just last week, it was revealed Scarlett Johansson has launched a supergroup. Oh, the horror. Here at TGTF, we’re more interested in supergroups that have actual musical merit. The Dead Weather, Divine Fits, bands of that ilk. The latest supergroup to appear on our radar this time is from Sweden. No-one is quite sure how Miike Snow alum Pontus Winnberg came up with the name one day – Amason happens to also be the name of a highly popular ‘60s-era make of Volvo – but it’s now the name of one of the most promising music collectives to come out of Scandinivia in recent memory.

The band comprises Winnberg (piano), his brother Petter (bass / vocals), Petter’s childhood friend and frequent collaborator Nils Tornqvist (drums), Gustav Ejstes of rock band Dungen (organ / guitar / vocals) and Idiot Wind singer/songwriter Amanda Bergman (synths / vocals). As one would expect with musicians who love their craft, the sum of the five musicians’ disparate influences and experiences is greater than its parts, strongly indicative of the strength of the Scandinavian music community, happy to share their talents and souls in the pursuit of creating amazing music.

Not only did the quintet gel the first time they booked time together in the studio, live they also made a massive impression on industry bods at CMJ 2014, with NPR’s Bob Boilen noting them one of his top 10 discoveries from the annual emerging music event last year in New York City. Unsurprisingly, the band’s debut album ‘Sky City’ released at the end of January was granted a First Listen feature on NPR. Translation: they have a good chance of making it very big here in the States, and they will no doubt have good, if not claustrophobic crowds going to see them at SXSW 2015 next month.

YouTube Preview Image

The first two singles Amason released, in 2014, both appear at the beginning of ‘Sky City’. Opening track ‘Älgen’ has an irresistible driving rhythm that should be amazing to watch performed live with its layered synths and effects; they’re situated well during the current era of the anthemic synth-driven band as it shows no sign of waning. This is swiftly followed by ‘Duvan’ (“The Dove”), with arresting vocals from Bergman compared favourably by some reviewers to the smokiest from early Stevie Nicks, while the backing instrumentation envelopes you with its smooth, lounge-y feel perfect for the nighttime. Which is when I imagine Amason will shine the brightest in Austin: under the cover of darkness, where they can surprise and wow punters looking for something different to hit the spot.

YouTube Preview Image
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