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Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #6: The Outside Royalty

By on Monday, 14th May 2007 at 10:19 pm

The Outside Royalty LogoI thought I’d done a post about this Road To V Band that are destined for big things, but a quick search through the archives shows that I was very wrong!

The Outside Royalty are finalists in the competition, and are set to play the Islington Academy on Thursday night.

They are one of those bands that are unlikely to win the competition because they’re a bit too “out there” for most peoples liking, however deserve to go onto big things. Sounding like a more together Arcade Fire they combine epic songs with great storytelling about normal day-to day things. Hailing from Pittsburgh and relocating to London, the band are clearly on a mission, and look set to strike a chord with Londoners with their sharp dress sense and chaotic shows.

“Falling, Part 2” is intricate, delicate and memorable. Just like music should be. Adam’s vocals fit the songs perfectly, along with their cast of more than able musicians. Their cover of the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby is the stuff of legends, amazingly epic, and brings a new dimension to the Beatles. Similar to what Scissor Sisters did for Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, this could be one of the covers of the year.

If nothing else you should check them out before they (hopefully) get massive later this year once they’re signed.


Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #5: The Hoosiers

By on Monday, 30th April 2007 at 3:31 pm

A few weeks ago I got a random CD in the post. Turns out I’d been put on a mailing list for record companies, and had been sent “The Hoosiers” single “Worst Case Scenario”. After getting over the excitment of getting a free CD, I got round to having a listen. And found I quite liked it.

Granted, they’re not going to set the world on fire with their innovation and new sounds. Yes, they’re quite corporate and unlikely to say the wrong thing. However… they are very catchy. And do have a guy who looks like he’s right out of the 118 adverts. And another guy who looks like he’s from the Feeling. But apart from that they’re great.

Funky, catchy, and oh-so radio friendly they sound like the Kooks and Franz Ferdinand having a montage moment in an 80s film of their night out.

The Hoosiers

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Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #4: Liddington

By on Thursday, 19th April 2007 at 11:36 pm

LiddingtonOne of the bands I’ve been following for a while are Oxford based Liddington, who have just released a new EP on their myspace page. One of the few add requests that I accept on mySpace, they seem to have a nice sound that could see them go far, as they’re quite radio friendly whilst still a touch different to everything else.

The band take their name from the view of the hill outside where Phil (guitar + vocals) and Danny (bass + keys) first began writing music together at the age of 16. They were joined later by Paul (guitar) and Andy (drums), united by an urge to “write striking, timeless songs”.

Creating epic songs that just crawl under your skin and make you remember them, sounding like a rawer, guitar driven Keane, and whilst not as anthemic, they do have some quality songs that will have everyone craving for more.

They’ve supported such bands as Switches and Kubichek! so far in 2007, and have a headlining set at the Camden Barfly in mid May, and look like they could be a band to watch in coming months. Whilst they won’t be gracing the pages of NME for a few months yet, they could be big next year when they have an album and a bit of buzz.

Check them out if you get a chance!


Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #3: Bo Pepper

By on Saturday, 14th April 2007 at 5:56 pm

Bo PepperThis year’s Road To V competition has been lining up pretty well, with some fab entrants that hopefully should make the shortlist and onto the TV. Following on from yesterday’s bit on Islands Lost at Sea and Thursday’s Bikini Black Special, today I’m taking a look at Bo Pepper, quick and dirty pop that is likely to become your dirty little secret of the summer if I have anything to do with it.

With some high profile fans (Perez Hilton, XFM DJ Eddy Temple Morris and Guy Chambers (if anyone remembers him?) amongst others), Bo Pepper offer Girls Aloud style pure pop, and seem a bit more bothered about where they’re seen than having the upmost indie cred (not that this is a bad thing by any means – we all need a bit of pure pop in our lives).

Fronted by the seductively voiced Dolly, all their press pictures and videos are fronted by a sock puppet, giving an element of cuteness to the band, and looks a bit like the younger sister of Flat Eric. Whilst it may only be a gimmick, it gives them something a bit different to the usual three guitars and a drummer routine that most bands do.

So, in summary: they might be cheesy. They might be pure pop. But give them a go – you might like them and be unable to get their tunes out of your head.


Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #2: Islands Lost At Sea

By on Friday, 13th April 2007 at 5:24 pm

Islands Lost at SeaThis year’s Road To V competition has been lining up pretty well, with some fab entrants that hopefully should make the shortlist and onto the TV.

Following on from yesterdays post about Bikini Black Special, today’s turn is for Bolton trio Islands Lost At Sea, who are like nothing else around at the moment. As they say themselves: “Islands Lost at Sea currently make the worst music of a genre that isn’t due to be fashionable for another six years” – its like Tom Waits playing Lemon Jelly, and boy is it good. Chilled out, jazzy and unique all at the same time – its like a radio 1 DJ’s wet dream to find something this unique and different.

Islands Lost at Sea claim that “Their method is to use an entirely unnecessary amount of instruments to make music that none of them like and that sound like nothing else” – yet whilst they may not like it, its stuff that can be equally loved in the clubs and on the festival stages… a British LCD soundsystem, with the indie appeal of a guitar band and the dancey appeal of an electro duo.

Whilst they’re decidely modest: they claim that “In music you can either make your name by being the first or being the best. Fifty years of musical miscarriages have proved that there is little point in the Islands pursuing the latter option”.

Why not check this band out whilst they’re still a quiet underground band?

(All quotes taken from their mySpace page)


Bands to keep a watch out for in the future: #1: Bikini Black Special

By on Thursday, 12th April 2007 at 4:14 pm

This year’s Road To V competition has been lining up pretty well, with some fab entrants that hopefully should make the shortlist and onto the TV.

One of my favourites is Leeds four piece Bikini Black Special, who have a great summery sound, and whilst aren’t necessarily the most innovative band going, their songs are great pop songs that are sure to set V festival on fire should they make it to open up the festival. They combine a touch of Kooks, a touch of Razorlight, as well as lots of other bands that critics always compare new bands to but I haven’t really listened to enough to compare them to.

My favourite is “Do What You Do”, a crowd sing along that is sure to get everyone going, though over on their myspace they really don’t have a dud song.

As they’re a relatively new band they haven’t had much hype around them, though did describe them as having “60s inspired tunes flavoured with working class grit and just a touch of swagger”.

Hopefully things are looking up for this band – if they don’t make it onto the shortlist I won’t be a happy bunny.

Bikini Black Special

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