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Bands to Watch #355: Adam French

By on Wednesday, 19th August 2015 at 1:00 pm

Cheshire-born singer/songwriter Adam French has taken the long way round to bringing his music to the UK. He started out in a band called The Rittz back in 2007, but with his fellow bandmates heading off to university, French found himself at a fork in the road. He decided on a solo career at the end of 2012, combining his passion for music with an equal passion for travel and choosing to tour in Africa before gaining attention at home. His first tour took him through Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, catching the eye of BBC Introducing in this blog post from 2013.

French is a self-taught musician who plays guitar, piano, bass and drums. His proficiency on each is demonstrated on his ‘More to Life’ EP, which was released in October 2014. The EP might be more accurately called a double-sided single, containing only the title track and its b-side, but it provides just enough of a taste to whet the listener’s appetite.

The gritty, fast-paced single ‘More to Life’ is instantly engaging, with a delightfully danceable rhythm and a catchy chorus. The chorus lyric “I’ve never asked but / I’ve always wondered / just why you’re here / when there’s so much more to life” is layered with a faint but distinctly present backing melody to create a fuller sound as the song draws to a close.

The b-side track is a mysterious and beautiful song called ‘Ivory’, whose tribal percussion sound could have been inspired by French’s sojourn to Africa, along with the chorus lyric “on my knees / it’s your name that I’m calling out / ivory / feel my pain as they cut it all down / here we burn to the ground”. The plucked guitar and crystal clear piano melodies are a perfect accompaniment to French’s vocals, which alternate between whispered verses and a rougher, more dramatic full voice in the song’s intense moments. Once again, several motifs are morphed together in the coda to create a climactic, richly layered effect.

French’s newest release is a fragile and dramatically ethereal track called ‘Silhouettes’, which was released as a single back in April. French uses his silky falsetto most effectively in the recurring line “and you see me as a silhouette of the man I once was” as well as in the echo of the backing vocals. Indeed, his vocal delivery is exquisite on all three tracks, adding to his already spectacular list of performing abilities.

Fans of Nick Mulvey’s folk rock style will enjoy Adam French’s sound, which is less complex than Mulvey’s but more robust and with a world music twist that is equally compelling. French’s Facebook promises new music in the near future, after the summer festival season draws to a close. If you can’t wait that long, you can catch him live at Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion, Wales in September.


Bands to Watch #354: Gwenno

By on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 at 1:00 pm

Following the release of her debut solo EP ‘Môr Hud’ in 2002, Cardiff-born singer Gwenno Saunders went on to represent Cornwall in the 2003 Alternative Eurovision Song Contest, where she won the People’s Choice Award for her performance of ‘Vodya’. The track featured on her 2004 EP of the same name.

In 2005, Gwenno joined the Brighton-based indie pop group The Pipettes as a singer and keyboardist, replacing the founding member, Julia Clarke-Lowes. The band went on to score two UK Top 40 singles with ‘Pull Shapes’ and ‘Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me’. After five years in the band, Gwenno pursued solo projects, which led to her touring as a synth player in 2012 with Australian duo Pnau (Empire of the Sun) and Elton John. In the same year, Gwenno released ‘Ymbelydredd’ – a 15-song EP that was sung entirely in Welsh – on Peski Records.

In October 2014, Gwenno launched her first solo album, ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ (“The Last Day”) – a political concept electropop album, which was sung entirely in Welsh, with the exception of one song in Cornish. The record, which Gwenno produced free of industry expectations, sales targets and commercial shackles, draws inspiration from Owain Owain’s 1976 novel of the same name, and covers themes of patriarchal society, government-funded media propaganda, cultural control, technology, isolation and the importance of minority languages. Produced by Rhys Edwards, ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ was first released with Peski Records, where a limited edition pressing sold out within weeks. The record was just re-released in July 2015, to coincide with Gwenno signing to Heavenly Recordings.

Having recently supported Super Furry Animal singer Gruff Rhys on his ‘American Interior’ tour, Gwenno looks set to embark on a co-headline tour with fellow label-mate H.Hawkline in September. The tour begins at the Leeds Brudenell Games Room on the 17th of September and concludes at Birmingham Rainbow Club on Saturday the 26th of September.

Gwenno’s first solo album ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ is out now on Heavenly Recordings.


Bands to Watch #352: Gilligan Moss

By on Thursday, 6th August 2015 at 12:00 pm

Chicago-born Gilligan Moss was dissatisfied with the routine of “adult life” (who can blame him?), and decided to devote his time to his hobby – music production. At first, Moss began sharing tracks with his close friends, although, in 2014, he quickly built up a cult following online. Since then, he has steadily produced a stream of acerbic electronic pop, making him an upcoming artist to keep a close eye on.

Despite the electronic pop label, it’s hard to pinpoint Gilligan Moss to one particular genre. The producer has the ability to combine infectious hooks across a palette of music styles, from dance and psych-rock to synth pop and an array of other genres. Bizarrely, this almost collage of multiple musical genres works in a weird and wonderful way, and it’s the producer’s unpredictability that makes him stand out amongst the overly-saturated market.

YouTube Preview Image

His first release ‘Hemlock’ is made up of layers upon layers of piano, synths and childlike vocals that are in an indecipherable foreign language. The track proved a huge hit among Moss’ cult following, although it was his follow-up single, ‘Choreograph’, which gave him widespread recognition. Like his previous release, the adrenaline-inducing track is a frantic amalgamation of sounds, harmonised with a marimba. Both ‘Hemlock’ and ‘Choreograph’ will feature on his four-track ‘Ceremonial EP’, which will be released later this month.

In addition to his own singles, Gilligan Moss has also remixed tracks for other artists, include his intoxicating remix of Glass Animals‘ ‘Gooey’, which has racked up almost half a million views on YouTube at the time of writing. This led to him being the support act on the indie rock band’s tour of America earlier this year. In more recent months, Moss provided a breezily infectious remix of Sia’s ‘Big Girls Cry’.

Looking ahead to the future, Gilligan Moss looks set to crack the UK, as he performs at the AMF Summer Party on the 14th of August to coincide with the launch of his ‘Ceremonial EP’ on AMF Records.


Bands to Watch #351: Arborist

By on Friday, 24th July 2015 at 12:00 pm

Header photo by Declan Gallen

Belfast-based Arborist is described as being “fueled by the lyrical and musical misadventures of Mark McCambridge and a cast of well-travelled musicians.” The Arborist moniker refers to McCambridge himself, who first performed under the name as a solo artist in the early part of 2013. The journeyman singer/songwriter has since gathered a bevy of band members including Richard Hill, James Heaney, Ben McAuley, Johnny Ashe and Luke Bannon, who accompanied him at the Great Escape 2015 back in May.

Arborist’s music is the kind of quiet, self-assured folk that steals your attention before you realize it, drawing you in with its thoughtful, evocative poetry and country-tinged instrumental charms. Behind McCambridge’s softly lilting lead vocals are slurred string melodies and lightly layered vocal harmonies, woven around gently rocking guitar and percussion rhythms. McCambridge’s singing voice has just a hint of roughness around the edges that strikes the balance between strength in the solo passages and a seamless blend with the backing harmonies.

In Arborist’s latest single ‘Twisted Arrow’, which was released on the 4th of May, backing harmonies are contributed by former Pixies bassist and Breeders lead singer Kim Deal, who agreed to the collaboration in an email exchange with McCambridge. The track was recently featured by BBC 6 Music, but if you missed it there, you can watch the accompanying video, directed by Stephen Agnew, just below.

YouTube Preview Image

‘Border Blood’ is even more unapologetically country-flavoured, with lyrics about guns and holsters, saddles and horses, and the striking chorus, “it’s either in your heart or in your belly / they’re gonna make it hard for you to choose / you didn’t come down here to lose.” But in this song, the country twang is mitigated by the addition of piano melodies and soaring jazz-tinged brass over the gently rocking rhythm and wailing steel guitar. The instrumental layers add depth and significance to the second verse lyrics, “revenge tastes bitter and strange / there’s something in the danger that keeps you on the dusty trail”, bringing the track to a bittersweet close, very much like a lonely cowboy riding off into the sunset.

YouTube Preview Image

Earlier single ‘Incalculable Things’ is Arborist’s most popular song on Spotify, with over 65,000 plays. It has a more immediately dramatic folk rock style, opening with a heartbeat-like drum rhythm and a haunting guitar melody as McCambridge intones the first vocal line, “well, I received nothing for putting nothing in / it seemed a just reward in truth, so you’d think I’d be content.” The instrumental outro hints at the country style of Arborist’s more recent songs, but it has a bit of a surprise ending in the piano part, perhaps illustrating McCambridge’s overarching lyrical idea that things are not as straightforward as they appear.

Though McCambridge’s sonic palette has clearly benefitted from the added talents of his bandmates and collaborators, the essence of Arborist’s music is in his deeply introspective songwriting and the stark melancholy of his vocal delivery. Those traits speak most effectively for themselves in the following live performance video of ‘The Force of Her Will’, recorded in January for Irish language television channel TG4.

YouTube Preview Image

Bands to Watch #350: C Duncan

By on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 at 12:00 pm

Having been surrounded by music from an early age, Glasgow-born Christopher Duncan (better known by his alias C Duncan) is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. With classical musicians for parents, C Duncan was encouraged to learn the viola and the piano as a child, before taking up guitar, bass guitar and the drums during his school days. He then went on to obtain a degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, whose notable alumni include James McAvoy, Alison Brie and David Tennant.

In December 2014, C Duncan released his first single ‘For’, a slow-paced arrangement with hypnotic vocals. The track, along with his follow-up ‘Say’, received high praise from the likes of Lauren Laverne, Huw Stephens, Vic Galloway, Steve Lamacq, Ricky Ross and Clive Anderson (on Loose Ends). Other supporters of C Duncan include BBC 6Music, Radcliffe and Maconie, The Guardian, NME and Amazing Radio. His music has also been played on various television programmes, including BBC1’s Waterloo Road.

Not only is C Duncan a talented musician, but he is also an accomplished painter, having had his work exhibited at galleries throughout Scotland. Highly influenced by Grant Wood and Gerhard Richter, C Duncan provides the cover art for his own records, expressing the same musical ideas through painted image.

One of the cover arts he has painted himself was for his upcoming debut album ‘Architect’, which features a detailed and stylised aerial view of a Glasgow side street. The album was written and recorded in C Duncan’s Glasgow flat on a bedroom studio setup, gradually adding each layer and each instrument one at a time. Despite being a time-consuming process, this allowed him to lovingly assemble the intricacies and subtleties for his collection of music.

You can listen to C Duncan’s debut album, Architect, when it is released on Friday, the 17th of July on FatCat Records. A day later, C Duncan will be the support act for Belle and Sebastian’s huge, outdoor concert at London Somerset House.


Bands to Watch #349: Samantha Crain

By on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015 at 12:00 pm

American folk singer/songwriter Samantha Crain studied English literature at Oklahoma Baptist University before embarking on her songwriting career, so it should come as no surprise that her songs reveal a particular talent for interweaving sound and story. Crain’s Oklahoma roots are evident both in her musical style, which is firmly rooted in classic Americana, and in her lyrical references to character and place. Her third album and UK debut release ‘Kid Face’ opens with the striking lyric “This horse kicked me in the heart then asked me if I want another start” before taking off into the galloping rhythm of ‘Never Going Back’. Throughout the album, Crain’s singing voice is rich and intense, with just a hint of grit sneaking into its timbre here and there, and her delivery has a very natural rhythmic tendency, as evidenced in the sultry swing of ‘Taught to Lie’, and the slow shuffle of the album’s title track, featured in the live performance video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Crain has recently followed up on ‘Kid Face’ with a new track called ‘Outside the Pale’. Immediately distinctive with a prominent bowed string instrumentation over the usual percussion and guitar, the song is equally striking in the defiant perspective of its lyrics: “the underdogs of human thought within the infrared / you and I, we tell the stories the TV won’t release / they keep us in the wild, under branch and thorn and tree / outside the pale”. While Crain doesn’t specifically intend to write protest songs, she says that her stories “are told from the perspective of the underdog, the 99% of us that are working people. They might not be literal protest songs, but the lives of the people within these songs speak at the same volume if you listen.”

The aforementioned ‘Outside the Pale’ lyric also contains the title to Crain’s upcoming fourth album ‘Under Branch & Thorn & Tree’. The new album continues in the vein of ‘Kid Face’, with Crain once again enlisting John Vanderslice for production duties, but it takes a more dramatic musical tone, often diverging into jazz territory with its expansive instrumental arrangements and subtly nuanced rhythmic ideas. Standout track ‘Kathleen’ showcases the full expressive range of Crain’s singing voice, from her blissfully light upper register tones down to the velvety texture of her lower notes. By contrast, the steady chugging tempo of ‘Big Rock’ is rough around the edges, gaining traction in the rhythm section as Crain sings through the single-mindedly determined chorus. The full album ‘Under Branch & Thorn & Tree’ is due for release on the 17th of July via indie label Full Time Hobby, but you can stream ‘Outside the Pale’ just below, courtesy of Full Time Hobby’s Soundcloud.

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