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Bands to Watch #256: Father Sculptor

By on Thursday, 20th September 2012 at 5:00 pm

Father Sculptor are an as-yet-obscure five-piece originally from Glasgow but now residing south of the border. In order to keep them out of mischief, their self-imposed summer holiday homework consists of releasing a song a fortnight; at the time of writing seven songs have been released.

In attempting to describe their sound, there’s no getting away from it – Thomas David has spent years brandishing gladioli in the mirror, perfecting the tenor catch in his voice as patented by Morrissey circa 1986… either that or it’s an uncanny coincidence quite how much he resembles the flighty grandfather of Salford miserablism. Marr influences are felt in the guitars as well, but nothing here is as dowdy or trite as the Smiths could be; instead we have ethereal backdrops over which urgent rhythms play out, at-times-impenetrable lyrical themes vie with unashamedly vintage reverbed, flanged guitars – at once clean and yet harking back to a pre-digital age.

The songs which bookend the current releases, ‘Ember’ and ‘Aristide’, are the most accessible works. The former is a lovely jangly waltz perfectly showcasing David’s Mozza impression, backed by an encyclopaedia of guitar work, whilst the latter is a bit more trebly and upbeat, more modern-sounding, and no doubt an excellent indication of Father Sculptor’s future direction. Although no doubt named after the first Haitian president, with lyrical couplets like “How could you just part those thighs / For a man who loves like a hired gun”, no doubt the whole Aristide reference is a proxy for a deeper meaning, or simply a red herring.

For those for whom the 1980s never ended, here are Father Sculptor to prove it. All the tracks released so far can be heard at their official Web site. Below is an embed of track ‘Aristide’, which is also a free download.


Bands to Watch #255: Kodaline

By on Monday, 17th September 2012 at 12:00 pm

They may be Gary Barlow’s new favourite band after his Tweet about them. And the buzz is most certainly starting to build. Sure, ‘All I Want,’ is a truly beautiful piece of music, but there is more to this Dublin based four-piece Kodaline than a shining endorsement from the lead singer of a boyband. (I like Take That though, not ashamed to say…)

True, the song does come across as a bit of a whingey number, but the music it is played to is really brilliant. It’s almost reminiscent of Elbow, but without the grandeur of Guy Garvey, it’s more understated, with a voice more akin to Thom Yorke’s.

The Irish lads seem to be riding on the crest of the wave of Gary Barlow’s twitter endorsement and why not, PR in that way and form does not just drop into your lap every day. Grab it by the balls, I say.

The production of their debut effort (a self-titled EP) is absolutely bang on the mark, hitting the right accord between the softly spoken vocals and the noodling music. With their music, they manage to provoke a range of emotions through different topics like prejudice in the workplace. Their songs paint beautiful pictures and it’s obvious that there has been some serious thought gone into the creation of each of their songs.

Whether you were brought to them through this, or through Mr. Barlow, I can only recommend you have a listen before you judge.

Kodaline’s self-titled EP is out now on RCA Victor/B-Unique. The video for ‘All I Want’, along with a stream of the EP, is below.

YouTube Preview Image

Bands to Watch #254: Dog is Dead

By on Thursday, 6th September 2012 at 12:00 pm

They’re hardly new on our radar, but with their debut album coming out on October 8th, it seems high time to do a round-up of Dog is Dead‘s story so far.

The Nottingham five-piece have been winding up to this debut album release for over 2 years now. Having been a fully functioning touring  band for far more than that so for them it surely comes as no surprise that their immense touring schedule of late is finally reaping its rewards. Having enjoyed them at Festifeel, Evolution, Camden Crawl and interviewed them all the way back in October 2010, Dog is Dead have become a TGTF favourite. Their mix of Vampire Weekend-style afrobeat influence, up to five part harmonies and the kind of rich summer sound that can even challenge our friends in Two Door Cinema Club, ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ could see them reach those dizzying heights by the end of the year.

What’s just as exciting about them though is their darker side. Listening to tracks like ‘Teenage Daughter’ really shows how their imaginations can take them down some incredible narratives: “I knew this one young girl who’d tell the trees and the grass / To read us all their favourite stories till we’d kiss and we’d laugh. / And we’d write to the Devil, tell him he’s a bad influence / ‘Cos it’s not worth playing God when you’re the story in the making.” ‘Two Devils’ expands Dog is Dead’s uplifting sound and has, at times, sinister mystery in wording.

Then you add the likes of Skins and Bombay Bicycle Club approved “we are a mess, we are failures and we love it” of recently re-recorded ‘Glockenspiel Song’. The title ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ seems to feel more and more appropriate the more we listen.

Catch them on tour in October and November and you can pre-order their debut album now.


Bands to Watch #253: Torche

By on Wednesday, 8th August 2012 at 12:00 pm

Torche have been around for 8 years. Now is the time to take note of them.

They have taken just 2 albums to find their sound and what a sound it is they’ve discovered. They’ve often been described as a Queens of the Stone Age for this new generation of metal revellers. However, they surpass that label, not by being better than QOTSA, but by having an altogether more diverse and experimental side to their music. Ex-Floor guitarist and frontman Steve Brooks provides the power and drive for the bands own brand of stoner metal. He is joined by a host of metal rock’s nomads in the form of Rick Smith, Jonathan Nuñez and Andrew Elstner,-a group who can only be fairly described as some of the finest talents in rock at the moment.

Now, some people may only have heard of Torche because of Steve Brooks being one of the few openly gay musicians in metal at the moment. But with their new album ‘Harmonicraft’, it’s obvious that the wider rock appreciating public is going to take note and not just for Brooks’ appearances in interviews. If you are just dipping into their back catalogue, I recommend single ‘U.F.O.’ a powerhouse of a track, which will have you going through a range of emotions throughout. Their unique sound will have you shuddering under the power of their music, with their drums reverberating through your body with a huge power.

Their new single ‘Kicking’ (video and free download below) is another fine example of the kind of industrial beast of a track that Torche can produce. The song hits you like a battering ram as it comes out of the blocks, but without that trademark metal predictability. There’s something edgy about this band that fans of not just heavy music will enjoy.

They are pushing the boundaries of conventional heavy music, and I have a feeling their new EP ‘Harmonicraft’ is going to completely demolish those confines.


(2000 Trees Festival 2012 flavoured!) Bands to Watch #252: Tall Ships

By on Tuesday, 7th August 2012 at 12:00 pm

Creeping onto the radars of the underground two EPs ago and raring to break onto the big stage at the end of this year are math-rock group Tall Ships. If you’re a regular at the Old Blue Last’s Pink Mist nights or a Brightonian, you’ll almost certainly be aware of the kind of noises this Falmouth band are capable of making.

With their debut album finally being released on the 8th of October, the band are relentlessly touring and no doubt hitting any festival you are towards the end of the summer; from Hartlepool to Portsmouth, they’re definitely worth half an hour’s worth of your weekend’s attention. Having come through the same touring veins as the likes of 65daysofstatic, the post-rock elements of the band is apparent on tracks such as ‘T=0′, while the lyrical side of the band, which can be rather minimal at points, is equally as interesting. ‘Chemistry’, possibly their most famous track, boasts both simplicity and poignance in its lyrics: “there is nothing but chemistry here and with that in mind we have nothing to fear/ This applies to all I hold dear and with that in mind all is beautifully clear.”

With more firepower than a Team GB cycling team and the aggression/finesse blend of the equestrian team (yes, I’ve been watching a bit of the Olympics), Tall Ships have the potential within the sampler (below) and their forthcoming record to really challenge opinions about whether their style of music can push for the big time. Climbing your festival rosters soon.


Bands to Watch #251: Empress

By on Wednesday, 1st August 2012 at 12:00 pm

‘Left in Awe’ is Reading-based Empress‘ first single. They’re a band in their infancy, having only started playing music together in 2011. So normally you’d understand if these guys were ‘searching’ for their sound still.

Well, these guys have found it and they are blasting six shades of awesome at it. They have a go from describing themselves as Elbow, mixed with a bit of Mastodon and Pink Floyd to create the fantastic blend of prog metal that is on show.

Frontman and bassist Alex Loring’s vocal range is the focal point in this song, where he goes from as subtle a crooner as you’ll find to a roaring satanic catastrophe sound. It’s not quite a death metal sound, but it does have that reminiscence of those sounds, where the vocalist goes from subtlety to…ridiculousness. The music is extremely tight, with everyone slowly but surely getting to exactly where they need to be for the song.

Now, while it may not be hugely accessible music, if this stuff is your bag then well, you are in for a treat. A brief (longer than most songs) exploration into the darker kind of Elbow. Just don’t expect the beautiful lyrical work of ‘One Day Like This.’ However, don’t be disappointed by it either. Empress are an unknown entity at the moment and with very few releases, these boys are ones to look out for on the future. Rock on boys, rock on.

You can get a free download of ‘Left in Awe’ from the widget after the band’s unofficial video for the song below.

YouTube Preview Image

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