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Video of the Moment #1627: Angus and Julia Stone

By on Sunday, 14th September 2014 at 10:00 am

Brother/sister Aussie folk duo Angus and Julia Stone have premiered their latest music video for ‘Grizzly Bear’, which appears on their third yet self-titled album out now. In the promo, scenes from their touring life are interspersed with lovely images of Australian forests and beaches for a truly enchanting visual. Watch it below.

The siblings will be touring the UK this December.

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Video of the Moment #1626: The 1975

By on Saturday, 13th September 2014 at 10:00 am

The 1975‘s newest video is for new single ‘Heart Out’. A preteen version of the band plays a school talent show, recalling Wolf Alice‘s ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’. See what I mean by watch the video below. Frontman Matt Healy describes what you’re watching as follows:

With the video for ‘Heart Out’ I wanted to return to the classic performance scene. I love a good performance video and wanted to try my hand at creating something that represented my grandeur and slightly deluded sense of self, whilst also adhering to the simplistic rules of a performance. The video is about narcissism, belief and delusion in equal measure. It represents how antiquated and romanticised visions of past and future shed a blazing light on the present and in turn provoke a self-analysis that soon shifts from the material to the ideological. It was in this state of excitement and obsession where the ‘Heart Out’ video was born. Obviously i can delve into the artistic vision of the video – what it means to me, the subtext and my own emotional investment within it – but in doing so I fear defacing what the video truly is about, at face value. It’s a bunch of kids who think they’re rockstars. And…they are x

In 2 weeks’ time, the 1975 are on tour in the UK.

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Video of the Moment #1625: Slaves

By on Friday, 12th September 2014 at 6:00 pm

A raucous favorite at festivals this summer, Slaves‘ song ‘Hey’ now has a promo. The video reminds us all how important it is to keep an eye on your drinks or strange things will happen. You have been warned. Watch the video below.

We gave away ‘Hey’ in this previous MP3 of the Day post. Catch them on tour supporting Jamie T in October and November; all the details are here.

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Double Up and Come Back #1: Paul Noonan of Bell X1 Interview Rewind

By on Friday, 12th September 2014 at 3:00 pm

Last week, Irish art rockers Bell X1 began part 2 of the touring cycle for ‘Chop Chop’, their fifth studio album that was released back in July 2013. When I caught up with frontman Paul Noonan via e-mail a few days ago, he was surprisingly frank about the album’s reception thus far. “To be honest we hoped it would have gotten to more ears by now. When we made the record we had such fire for it, and were aching to get it out there. We love playing so we’re glad to be out again, but we had hoped we’d get to visit a lot more places in the US this second time around.”

In my interview with him from last spring, Noonan talked about the “mentality shift” that went into the making of ‘Chop Chop’, particularly with regard to technical skill and playing the songs live. “We really wanted to do it quickly and mine a little more instinct and intuition and become better musicians.” He emphasised the live aspect of the band’s music as not just the end result, but an important part of the songwriting process. “Initially, actually, we wanted to make two short albums, and call one ‘Chop’ and the other ‘Chop’ and then have some kind of a way of connecting them that they would become ‘Chop Chop’. The time from making a record to it actually getting out is often frustratingly long, and often you spend 6 months or so sitting on a record you’ve made and are burning to get out and play and to bring to people. And so we wanted to make a record and put it out very quickly and then tour that, and then (repeat the cycle)”.

While events didn’t work out exactly according to that plan, circumstances did conspire to highlight a few other dualities surrounding Bell X1 relative to ‘Chop Chop’. The band spent the remainder of last year on the first part of the album’s tour cycle, including the October 2013 live date reviewed here. They then took a brief hiatus, which saw two of the band members working on side projects. Noonan introduced his treble-oriented duet project Printer Clips, which realised the idea of combining two component parts into a single unit. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist David Geraghty continued his understated solo work under the new title Join Me in the Pines. Noonan puts the side projects into perspective, saying that they fit comfortably into Bell X1’s current touring schedule. “Musicians and writers have a lot of time to make stuff, or to avoid making it, or to dream up new ideas for one day making stuff. And sometimes the stuff gets made. I suppose the band has become a hub from which lots of other projects have sprung over the years, and long may it continue. Sometimes there’s a clearing of the head required alright, when it comes time to work on new material as a band.”

After a busy start to 2014 with activity from both side projects, this summer saw Bell X1 reunite for a handful of festival dates in Ireland before they embarked on their first-ever tour of Australia in July. Of the antipodean experience, Noonan says, “It’s a hell of a long way down. We’ve been wanting to go for a while, so it was great to finally get there, and for people to show up to the gigs phew! It was a mad, spacey dash around the country in a week.”

Bell X1 began the North American leg of their autumn tour this past Tuesday in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Noonan hints that the set lists for these shows might be less focused on the recent ‘Chop Chop’. “We’ve added a few songs from other records to the pack this time out, it’s been good to get them together. We’ve been juggling various ideas for the set, trying something new every night so far.” Their opening act for the tour is Los Angeles singer/songwriter Gabriel Kahane. If Bell X1’s past support acts, which have included Lyla Foy and Duke Special, are any indication, Kahane should prove to be another undiscovered musical treasure. A full list of North American tour dates can be found on Bell X1’s official Web site.

Looking beyond the completion of their North American dates, Noonan says, “There’s some moonlighting to be done when we get home with the solo/side projects, some shows in Ireland. We’ve been offered some shows in the Middle East in December, so I’m hoping that will happen.” He is also cryptically optimistic about the potential new Bell X1 music in the near future. “We’ve been working on new songs over the summer. It’s been great to feel that thrill of jumping on that train again, glimpses of where the songs might go and what rags they may wear.”

Thanks to Paul Noonan for taking time to answer my questions, and to Foye for facilitating the e-mail exchange.


Single Review: City Reign – When You Got It All

By on Friday, 12th September 2014 at 12:00 pm

It’s been about a year and a half since Manchester’s City Reign released their well-received debut album ‘Another Step’. The band will be releasing a new single soon and unlike ‘See What It’s Worth’ b-side ‘Package It Up’ that I reviewed back in January of this year, this song sounds much less poignant, at least on the surface. The difference in tempo is obvious and the overall sound is much brighter and brasher as well, which should make it a firm radio favourite.

As you might have already guessed from its title, ‘When You Got It All’ is about how you look at the things you have in life. As a kid when I couldn’t get my way, my brother would annoyingly reference the Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. In the context of an up-and-coming band such as theirs, this single first addresses the thirst for success can seem unquenchable unless certain goals are met. The accompanying press release even begins with a joke by the writer: he says it would take owning a large yacht and a helicopter for him to have known he’d made it.

I have seen this kind of phenomenon happen before my very eyes with bands I have known when they were first starting up, watching them coming up the ranks of stardom. Fame and money, regardless what your vocation, can be addictive if you’ve been working so hard to get somewhere and it seems you’ve made it. But this single asks, “does it feel the same?” when you have it all? This isn’t asked gently. This is emphatically shouted during the powerful chorus. And really, once you reach a certain level of success, things don’t feel the same because they really are never the same again. To its credit, this single doesn’t favour the obvious direction for rock stars enjoying the spoils, that once ‘you have it all’, things might not actually be for the better. In that way, the song mirrors the sentiment of the Stones’ song probably more than they meant to.

And, just like the stock market and all bands’ trajectories, what goes up must come down. City Reign address this in verse 2, in which frontman Chris Bull emotes, “tell me a reason, there must be a reason / we all owe it to reason, to figure it out / why we’re coming down, why we’re coming down”. Is the forcefulness of this song supposed to reflect the frustration of having met those aforementioned goals and getting to the place you wanted, but finding out what is there is not what you wanted at all? Definite food for thought.


‘When You Got It All’, Manchester-based band City Reign’s next single, is out on the 22nd of September on Car Boot Records.


MP3 of the Day #854: Cut Copy

By on Friday, 12th September 2014 at 10:00 am

God bless Cut Copy. We’re going to end the working week with a new remix of their brilliant single ‘Meet Me in a House of Love’, this time by The Miracles Club. It couldn’t be just a coincidence that their Facebook description reads “take shelter in the house of love”, eh? You can listen to and grab the mp3 for free below.

You can grab the TJANI remix of the single from this previous MP3 of the Day post.

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